We have probably all experienced our computer running slow. Every action seems to take forever; doesn’t it?

We used to have an IT guy at the recruitment company I ran who would give me sage advice, usually starting with the fact that I had too many programmes open, normally followed by the instruction to close everything down and start again. Everytime it seemed to work.

It’s a weird phenomenon that I observe happening in every walk of life, the power of the reset. Yes it is possible to press reset or reboot in our working and personal lives, all you need is a process to follow that you take action on. First you need to identify if a reset is needed.


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I am not saying that every time things get a bit rough or you’re frustrated that you should stop and go off in another direction; far from it. These can be life changing moments that help us grow and move onto the next level.

I work with Independent recruiters and managers across a wide spectrum and every single one of them at some point in their business growth will stop and press reset. Why? It’s how we move forward.

The individuals that seek me out are normally ambitious and want to take their business to a new level. This fact alone will mean that things will need to change.

A mentor of mine is known for saying that;


“The thinking and actions that took you to six figures are different from the ones that will push you to seven figures and beyond.”


All logical isn’t it and yet somehow we forget this obvious fact.

Now resetting can take many forms and occurs at different levels. If you are a regular visitor here you will know the guidance I give on thinking and questions. If you are investing time in both these activities you will be more likely to know what is going on. Here are a two of the most common signs that indicate it’s time for a reset.

1. You are always behind on your numbers

Doing the right things at the right level consistently works. Whether that’s coaching your team every week to higher performance or contacting 50 great candidates a week you are connected to on LinkedIn.

Selling and managing; which is fundamentally what successful recruitment companies are about, is a process that when it’s followed works. You might have a bad day, a bad week or even a bad month. Knowing your numbers and KPIs for you and the team will ensure that the cash will come in; provided you are taking action on the right things.

However if this downward trend continues there will be a reason, and it might be time to reset. Stop and reflect.  In this situation I suggest people think about.

  • Am I and my team working the right jobs?
  • Am I doing the right things?
  • Do I need a mindset reboot?

The answer usually lies somewhere across these three areas. Whenever people are not hitting their numbers it generally means they either aren’t focused on the right things , they need to get better at some key aspects of their job or they have an issue with our next reboot sign….

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2. You are procrastinating constantly

A client of mine recently shared in one of my forums that she was constantly procrastinating. In her words faffing about, formatting emails, making documents look pretty, micro managing and certainly not doing any level of team or business development. Because of a recent coaching conversation we had she was aware that this was the appearance of that old arch enemy: procrastination.

Now procrastination does have an upside.

We have all wasted time on things that don’t challenge us. The good news is that the bigger the procrastination issue is, the bigger the reward on the other side. The thing I have noticed about procrastination is it proceeds a period of potential rapid growth; when you stop, become aware of what you are doing and break through.

People will often waste time on ‘busy’ work because they are fearful of stepping up and doing things that will take them to the next level.

It’s about doing the work that will make a difference to the growth of your business. That might be business development or developing your team or creating the vision and culture.

When procrastination appears ask yourself a few checking questions.

  • What is this about?
  • Can I do what I am avoiding?
  • Do I need more training about what I should do?
  • Do I need some morale support?
  • I am scared of failing?
  • I am scared of being successful?

This might sound strange an when I see procrastination in my clients I take it as a positive sign that great things are always on the other side for them when they break through.


I suspect a number of you can relate to these themes. I come across them every week. If you are noticing some of these clues in your own behaviour it might be time to press reset.

Warmest regards,






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