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3 Vital Steps For New Billing Managers

Posted by Nicky Coffin

Remember those days when you sat down at your desk flicked your mental switch and raced down your list of ‘to do’s’, chasing candidates and clients and business developing.  The days flew by and making placements was pretty straightforward;  wasn’t it?


Then you decided it was time for your next challenge, some career development and managing the team seemed the next logical step. Then you had the big surprise? It’s not as easy as it looks, juggling your own desk and managing someone else especially when the recruiters in your team don’t work like you do?


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It is one of the biggest burden’s billing managers can face; keep their team on track, nailing their own billings, while keeping their head above water.



This comes down to a recruiter’s values and beliefs which I have mentioned before. Find out what is important to someone and you have uncovered their on switch to better results.


Remember you don’t need to be mates with everyone in the team, though you do need to understand what makes your team tick and coach them to higher performance.




KPI’s (key performance indicators) are the secret sauce behind most successful organisations. KPI implementation is one of the first things I teach on all of my development programmes.


3D Modern Signboard Of Kpi


The trick is to make sure that your KPI’s are aligned to the results you want to achieve based on your company objectives and goals.  Really logical I know and yet some companies I come across have either no KPI’s at all or KPI’s from the ark that are identical for everyone. One company realised that one of their KPI’s was linked to attendance at a local networking event. When they changed sector they still continued to attend even though none of the companies they wanted to target were attending.


Plan, act, analyse and review


Here is one of the key differences with recruitment managers that succeed and those that don’t. It was a strategy I was taught a number of years ago that I have developed for recruiters. It’s based on Deming’s circle. We have covered the first two parts above. Next comes the analyse and review. So many managers give an instruction and then don’t check in with the team member to see how it’s going. Those that do will see a marked improvement in results.  Make the follow up and review as important as setting the plan and goals.


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Make yourself important


When you first move into a role like this it can be tempting to go for the 24/7 mental approach. Honourable yes; sustainable no! Top performers get the balance right. You need to have times when you unplug. You can then come back with fresh perspective on what to do next.


Sitting at your desk for 15 hours plus a day won’t bring you improved results. In fact probably the opposite. Of course you want to make an impression and you will work longer hours initially. Just get the balance correct.


I hope you found this article useful.

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