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Everything you work towards in getting your team to being top billers will fall to the wayside if you aren’t able to maintain performance. Managing people is always challenging because they’re individuals with different motivations and methods of doing things. Consistency is key and here are 4 things you can do to help your team consistently billing above their targets.


The first thing is Motivation.

It’s important to bear in mind that not everyone is motivated by money. We are all individuals and therefore we all have our own very specific motivators; in my experience money normally falls to about 3 /4 in the most important ranking, many people are more interested in being part of something that is successful where money is then a by product of that success.


4 Things you must have in place to get your Recruiters Billing Consistently Centred Exellence 1


When looking to motivate individuals in your team you need to take the time to understand their individual goals, values and personal interests.  To find out what motivates people you need to know what’s it’s important to them.   Simply ask them –” what’s important to you about your career or job” and listen to their answers.


When motivating your team think about linking the target to them personally.  It must be their goal you’re motivating them towards, not the company’s.  People are far more likely to buy into and be motivated by a goal if it’s their goal and it’s meaningful to them on a personal level. Help them to visualize it, even carry with them a picture that makes the goal more real. Small things like this can really help motivate them towards a goal.


The 2nd thing to get consistency of results is a Coaching Culture.

Too many managers tell their recruiters what they want to do and then send them off to go achieve their goals and then expect everything to just happen on it’s own. If you want your team to be top performing recruiters you need to coach them and guide them through the process. Big goals need to be broken down into smaller goals so that there is clear path to achieving them.  Also because your team will hit obstacles and road blocks, they will need help working through them.


4 Things you must have in place to get your Recruiters Billing Consistently Centred Exellence 2


So if you have an annual target they need to reach, break this down into monthly and weekly targets.  Help your team to zone in and identify a plan of what they need to be doing on a daily and weekly basis in order to meet those targets. In other words, how many placements do they need to make? How many clients do they need to be seeing or calling? What specifically will they do to find the clients?  How many candidates do they need to interview?  Where will they find great candidates specifically?


The 3rd thing that helps to build a top performing team is ongoing training.

Provide your team with training in areas that they aren’t strong in. For example if someone in your team is less confident on the phone then train them on how to open a  call, build rapport, ask tricky questions and overcome objectives. Role play exercises can help them start to gain more confidence in this area.


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4 Things you must have in place to get your Recruiters Billing Consistently Centred Exellence 3


Make sure that you regularly training your team – a smart way to make it easy for you to do this is to get other people either in your team or someone else to run the sessions, picking other consultants that are strong in the area to train the rest of your team.  As long as they are an expert in this area, they can train others – for example you could use a resource to teach a newbie to find and search for candidates.  It doesn’t have to be someone with loads of recruitment experience.


The final thing that helps to build a top performing team is delegation.

Delegation is one of the most important ways to build up a top performing team. Delegation involves trust and confidence in another person’s ability to do a task. As a manager it can also free up your time so that you can focus on more important tasks. Delegating builds people up. By giving them responsibility for tasks that are part of your job role not only helps to upskill future leaders but it helps to retain great people as it  can be hugely motivating.


4 Things you must have in place to get your Recruiters Billing Consistently Centred Exellence 4


These four things are instrumental in creating a top performing team. Motivate, coach, train and delegate effectively and your team can achieve even more than they set out to.

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