When we start working with many recruitment business owners, they are experiencing anything less than a perfect day.

They are juggling an ever increasing ‘to do list’ a team that don’t bill as well as they do and a constant roller coaster of highs and lows.

Then just as things seem to be going well, their top biller leaves and then a higher than expected VAT bill arrives from their accountant.

Consequently, they jump back on the ‘tools’ and start billing again; it’s Groundhog Day…

Sound familiar?

So how do you fix it?

It’s counter-intuitive for many people we speak to and the first thing we suggest is to strip things back and focus on them.


Because if you want your business and life to change the process starts with you.

You must be the change.

Dr Joe Dispenza is an award-winning Neuroscientist, check him out online. In a recent video he shared the fact that, 95% of who we are by the time we are 35 years old is a memorised set of emotional behaviours and reactions, unconscious behaviours, hardwired attitudes and beliefs, which makes us function like a stuck computer programme.

The only way you will change your results is by changing the programme you are running.

……….and the first step on this path starts by putting you first.

How you think and how you feel creates your state of being. So, what if we started shifting this by setting up your perfect day?

I want to share some suggestions with you based on what is working now for Katy and I and many of our students.


Start The Night Before

There is nothing I like better than to be planned and organised for the next day. Down to my breakfast being prepared and ready in the fridge, through to deciding what I am going to wear which I put out ready.

I then work out my plan and set my intention for the next day and ask my subconscious any questions that it can help me with overnight.

Finally, I make sure there is a pint of water by the bed that I will either drink through the night or first thing when I wake up.

Going through this simple routine gives me control and makes sure I’m less likely to be on the back foot which helps me be more productive the rest of the day.


Get Up At The Same Time Each Day

Routines are so powerful, so use them. No successful person ever lays in bed and does what they feel like when they feel like it, do they?

Our bodies do like routine and it gives us an opportunity to enforce control and start changing.

Setting the time, you wake up allows you to take control over your morning, setting you off on the right foot. When you hit the snooze button over and over, you’re procrastinating, and that can affect the rest of your day.

But, if you wake up when the alarm goes off, you’re immediately seizing the day and taking charge of your life, by keeping your word.

I am not suggesting that you have to wake up before sunrise either. For many of us with families we have to work around them too.

Get your body into a morning routine by waking up at a time you decide, and you will be amazed how good you start to feel.

Going through a simple morning routine can be a wonderful way to make your morning as easy and painless as possible, helping you be more productive the rest of the day.



As a retired international rugby player, you would think that exercising would be easy for me and something I can’t wait to do first thing?

I wish I could say that I can get up and go to the Gym, first thing every morning………

…………Not exactly possible these days; especially now we have two young children who want my attention.

Because of our schedule I sacrifice exercising in the morning for my journaling and meditation practice that I will come onto.

The thing is I know it’s critical for me emotionally and physically to exercise so I build it in during the day, in fact it goes in my calender along with coaching calls, profit accelerator bookings, product creation and training delivery.


Morning Pages /Journaling

My experience as a business owner is, I have a busy mind and I find it incredibly useful to write in the morning to get things out of my head and on paper.

Some people call this morning pages others journaling.

I normally start with a list of things I am grateful for. This sets my vibration up to receive even more things to be grateful for, which is pretty cool. I then move into a journaling routine I have been using for some time; I’ll share that another time.



Meditation is a ‘must do’ activity for me. When I don’t make it a priority practice it impacts my results. Period.

Meditation will allow you the ability to clear your mind and get focused on what you need to do, and it is a catalyst to start reprogramming the patterns you are currently running.

Meditation can be as simple as sitting down for 20 minutes and focusing on your breath and dismissing thoughts as they arrive.

I currently use some meditations by Dr. Joe Dispenza that are working incredibly well for me. Whichever you use is fine, just commit to starting and continuing.


What next?

Make the decision to change you, so that you can change your results?

If you would like to find out more about what I have shared today and how Katy and I can help, book yourself a place at our next Recruitment Business Launchpad, it’s happening at the end of April.


Warm regards,