I was asked the other day in our recruitment manager training “How do I increase my sales through the team so it’s not always down to me?” So we want to share with you 5 really simple and highly effective tips that will show you how to do that.

Step 1: Sell Don’t Tell

As a recruitment manager, your job is to know where you want the team to go, what the targets and measures are and to make sure the activity is completed.  Get your team to come up with the WHAT and the HOW to do it through brainstorming.  This not only saves you loads of time, it means that your team come up with the ideas and there is much greater buying.   Imagine how you can do this in a fun, focused team meeting.

Step 2: Understand The Person They Want to listen to Least is YOU! 

How many of you managers are blue in the face suggesting ideas to your recruitment consultants about what to do and they just never seem to listen!  I’ve found that I can go into a business as an external recruitment trainer and say the exact same thing that a Manager has been telling their team for months and suddenly it’s taken on board.  This is not because I’ve said anything special, it’s because I’m a third party authority figure, it wouldn’t matter who I was – other than the fact that I’m not their sales manager.


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Step 3: Know That Even Better Than Outside Authority Is Learning From Their Peers Who Outsell Them!  

If one of your colleagues is out selling you 10:1 most recruitment consultants would want to know how they’re doing it and they will listen to them before they listen to anyone else.  Again, if you want to improve your sales through teamwork this point is a key one to follow.

Step 4: Get Your Team to Share Ideas and Knowledge

I know it’s not always easy especially if your business model is set up where people are competing against each other as then it’s harder to get the leaders on your team to impart their best skills sets and strategies because it’s costs them. A customized workshop or meeting a speaker is also a good strategy.

Remember though, that often sales people are motivated by acknowledgement and feeling good, looking good, so imparting some of their leadership to their colleagues is a good motivator.

Step 5: Challenge Your Team to Model Beliefs, Skills and Strategies of Your Top Billers. 

Get them to look for success and duplicate it – if you have 10 sales people and one of them is performing 3 times better than the rest –  find out what they’re doing and copy them.

I hope you found this article useful.  If you want to learn how to set up your business, so that it stops under-performance once and for all, then join my free webinar

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