There has been much debate in the business growth world of late about the power of short versus long term goals. 

While it’s important to focus on the ultimate goal connected to your ‘why’; we cover this in our various programmes here at Centredexcellence, it’s also a good idea to be grounded in the actions that lead to the overall bigger goal you want to achieve. 

Therefore, hitting that big picture vision, you have is only going to happen by producing a series of short term achievements. 


The Power Of 90 Day Goals 


I know we are stating the obvious here and a year is a long time! An awful lot can change over twelve months. You only need to look at Brexit, Donald Trump coming to power and Theresa May ‘losing’ an election, to have confirmation that not everything happens as planned…. 

A goal you decided in January might not be relevant now, or ideas and campaigns get pushed back; because…. “well we have got all year; haven’t we?” 

However, by planning your activity in chunks of 90 days, everything becomes more tangible. Here are a few reasons why 90-day goals work: 

  • Short enough to build momentum yet stay focused. 
  • Long enough to make progress; a new induction plan could be implemented, or a marketing campaign delivered. 
  • Accountability over 12 weeks helps to fuel activity. 
  • The bigger yearlong goal comes into sharp focus. 


Setting Your Goal 

There is a well-known saying from Stephen Covey from his 7 Habits book, and it goes along the lines of, start with the end in mind. 

When it comes to a 90-day goal. What is it, specifically, that you want to achieve in that period? If you know your bigger goal, how will a 90-day focused goal help that? 

Here is something that many people miss. 



What is the big pain point or points that need addressing first that will then enable you to scale and grow? 

I have used 90-day goals for many years, and in reality, it has allowed me to move from being a successful recruitment director to running my own performance coaching organisation, that has become a market leader in only a few short years. 

Let me share a personal example. 

As Centredexcellence was growing at a rapid rate…. as was the desire to have a family, I knew that I needed to get things in place first that would allow me to concentrate, develop our programmes and coach clients privately. 

The first important task was to have a working space designed around what I needed.  I had an office built at home aligned to my goal of starting a family and being able to work uninterrupted at home, without having to drive into the centre of Glasgow every day. 

The whole project was completed in just over 90 days. As I reflect back now, I realise it was a catalyst for one of my best years ever. 

How might this work for you? 

Let’s say you have a growth goal. However, the particular sector you are in is too broad and increasing your fee level isn’t feasible for the low-level jobs you are working. 

There is no point having  a plan to bring onboard new trainee recruiters until your niche is defined that has the ability to deliver the revenue you want. 

Makes sense doesn’t it ? 


What Else Is Important In a 90 Day Plan? 



We live in a distracted world and more than ever it’s easy to be taken off track by the latest bit of software or challenge with a client or candidate that gets taken out of proportion. 

Learn how to delegate and say NO and focus on the plan in hand. 

In both Katy’s and my opinion and experience, learning how to delegate and developing the ability to say no will have the biggest impact on achieving your goals. 

In any 90-Day plan, you will discover that there will be hundreds of things to do, or at least that is how it feels. 

However, not all of them are essential. You must learn now to say “no” to the less important things that are not going to help you reach your goals most effectively. 

Be focused on your priorities based on what needs to happen first to hit the bigger goal. So as we mentioned earlier having a defined niche with a crafted offer and sales process that you can train/teach is more logical than recruiting a few trainee recruiters who will be kicking their heels. 

Being able to set specific goals like this are part of the various set moves we teach in our programmes here at Centredexcellence. If you would like to find out how you can increase your revenues by 50-250% email me here, or call 0845 319 4838. 



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