Training your recruitment consultants is vital if you want them to perform, hit billings and grow your company.   One key element to help recruitment consultants bill more is the need to be more assertive in all aspects of the role.  From dealing with colleagues in the office to pitching for business and moving candidates along.  This blog covers some ideas and steps that you can implement to make this happen.

Learning to be more assertive is something which recruiters know all about.  Assertiveness is not aggression.  Assertiveness is based on having a self-confident approach that then can impact all your results.

This is especially so when it comes to sales people, which is the role every recruiter has at their core.  From asking candidates to consider new positions, to bringing on new clients you can recruit for, an assertive and confident approach will bring
improved results.

Assertiveness is easy to build and always starts with a changing your state of mind.  Deciding that assertiveness is something that you want to work on because of the results it will bring you both in a work and personal context.

So where is an easy place to start?

Body language and voice are two key areas that most people miss.  A key fact researched by Albert Mehrabian is that 94% of our communication is non-verbal.  By that we mean our body language and voice tone impact others in the way they respond and react to us.

1. Body Language and Posture

Generally assertive people have a presence. This can start as simply as looking at body language.  Standing or sitting slumped is a turn off for most people on the receiving end and also communicates a subconscious message that is less than positive.

On the other hand standing tall with an open body posture shoulders back gives observers the impression that this person knows what they are talking about.  Old fashioned I know and it is based on years of research on the effects of body language. You only need to look at our law enforcement services and you will understand the implications of a sure and tall body posture.

2. Voice Tone

Have you ever heard this saying, It’s not what you say it is the way that you say it?  I suspect you have. You only need to hear the soft tones of that special person in your life and you understand the impact of tone on our behaviour.  The exact opposite is true when someone shouts or conversely is quite as a Church moose.

The best way to improve you tone is to communicate using your whole body.  Having a good posture helps how you sound.  If you are planning some sales conversations rehearse before in front of a mirror or do a role play with a colleague.  Standing up to make important calls also helps.  Old fashioned maybe and it works.  Talk out load and record yourself if at all possible.  Listen to how you sound.

Work on these two areas and your confidence and assertiveness will grow.


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