In the previous blog post we covered the first two influencing strategies which, when you implement will create a shift in your results. You can find it here. Are You Using These 6 Influencing Strategies? Part 1

Today I want to cover the final four which are; social proof, liking, scarcity and authority.

Social proof

We all look for it in every walk of life. Who hasn’t asked a friend for the name of a great joiner they have used. Hands up if you have asked another business owner for the name of their marketing company or web developer? We all do it; why?

Fundamentally we don’t want to make a mistake. Prof Cialdini defines social proof as; “people doing what they see other people doing”. For instance, if your colleagues are working late, then you are more likely to do the same.

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Now put yourself in your candidates and clients shoes. Candidates will want to know if you have worked with anyone like them before. What clients do you work with and can you get them into company, A, B or C?

Make it easy for them; how? Make your evidence freely available. On my own website one of the most viewed pages is my testimonials and my money back guarantee. Why? Because if people invest they want to feel ‘safe’ that I have worked with people ‘like them’.

It will be the same for you. Here are a few quick actions for you. Ask every candidate you place for a testimonial. Put it on your website and in a report that you can send out.

When you find that stellar candidate for a client ask them for a testimonial. It works and that leads me onto the next strategy….



A universal truth is the more you like someone the more you will be persuaded by them. Who hasn’t found themselves doing something for their other half that they wouldn’t normally do?

Fine Nicky and how does this work in business? First of all recruitment is a business based on relationships, so you have a head start.

Likeability comes in many forms-people might be similar or familiar to you, they may give you compliments or you may just trust them; hint action the elements of part 1 and people will start to like you. Liking can be developed through building rapport and I have some great techniques to share on this one in another post.



We can all relate to this. Hands up who has queued for the latest iPhone or sat online trying to get a seat for the latest Lady Gaga concert?

This principle says that things are more attractive when their availability is limited, or when we stand to lose the opportunity to acquire them on favourable terms.

Have you worked out how this works in recruitment? Here is just one example to get you thinking. Through your hard work and sourcing you find THE hottest candidate ever. You could place them ten times over. Suddenly placing them becomes quite easy; they are a scarce commodity. Where else could this work for you; is your mind racing now?


Don’t Do Any More Business Development Until You READ THIS First!

Free Client Converter Tool and Tips… How To Get Your Consultants Converting More Sales Without Doing Any More Cold Calling… 

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Human beings during the last few centuries have become hard wired to acknowledge authority and look out for it. As a rule of thumb we look up to people in authority; deep down they make us feel safe. This explains why Doctors and Dentists are employed by healthcare companies to front advertising campaigns and why most people will act on a manager’s request.

How can this work for you? Become the expert in your recruiting sector. The current term for this is leadership. You can do this as a recruitment manager as well.

In today’s online world you can stamp your authority using a number of different strategies. Sharing great content on linkedIn, writing articles on your blog, speaking at recruiting events. Running webinars to share your expertise. Few recruiters are doing this to any great extent. You could swiftly become the go to recruiter for; engineering, retail, oil and gas. All you need to do is make a decision that it is going to happen.

So what next?

If you take action in these areas you will become more influential I guarantee it. As I starter I would suggest you look at each strategy in turn and analyse is this something you do. Yes, no or sometimes. Then create a plan of where you can start first.


Warmest regards,




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