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Many recruitment directors I speak to are obsessed (in a positive way) about growing their talent team.

It’s not rocket science to work out that if you want to capitalise on today’s growth market in recruitment then you need a great team who are motivated and productive.

In our various recruitment owner training programmes we cover this in depth. Here is the thing, I have noticed that  many recruitment managers and directors ‘get’ how to recruit, their issues can be about retention; especially with the modern wave of recruitment professionals.


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I have mentioned Gen Y millennials before and I thought it was time to raise the subject again.

Bullying, favoritism, lack of management skills and opportunities for development won’t be tolerated by this group. It is so important that you get this into perspective because the tide has turned and over 50 % of the workforce now fall into this category.

As a Recruitment Company focused on high growth this needs to be factored into your talent planning.

To clarify this is the group born between 1980 and 2004. It will include your recruiters AND importantly your billing managers, who are so important when it comes to fueling your recruitment organisations growth.


Why all the fuss Nicky?

The last thing you want is your team leaving in droves, particularly your billing managers and team leaders. It is no longer a case of simply finding a replacement because at some level they will all have a ‘similar’ trait. That is the way the Gen Y individuals view and live in their world.

Let me share a really relevant and recent example.

I was talking to a friend the other day about her new job. She was upbeat and loving it to the point that she commented that she would; “stay here a long time”, when I asked what that would be, she said………. 2 years! Yep in the millennial map of the world that is a long time.


What can you do?

Plan for it and know, in depth how to handle these people to get the best out of them. There is a lot of positives they have that your company can benefit from.

First of all know their hot buttons i.e. their motivations and general characteristics.



They like to feel good and will ‘hop’ to places and organisations that have that feel good culture. Does your company have at least some of this culture?


Work life balance and yet they do want to achieve

Don’t cringe…. I know in recruitment that phrase work life balance is rarely used. However increasing numbers of your employees and management teams have this as a requirement.

Think flexible working; weekends off, and a work hard and play hard mentality.

They are happy to have a full on and focused work life and be high achievers; though they might also want to be at their mum and dads special 60th birthday event, which could mean shooting off early; can you work with this?



“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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It isn’t all about the money




Though Gen Ys do like money it doesn’t drive their job-decisions to a great extent. A Gen Y recruiter or billing manager would prefer to work in a place they feel valued and where they feel they are contributing something important, than to work in a job they don’t like, just to keep the bank balance high.

As such, it’s harder to motivate Gen Y’s with a promise of a great bonus if they smash their billing target. They are totally different from other generations.

Don’t panic. There are lots of other things that you can explore. I have mentioned one earlier; flexible working. Then there is extended leave. Gym memberships, the latest technology. The ideas are endless.


Coaching works



An upside of this group is that they will respond well to coaching which is good news. The opportunity to be developed is a big positive ‘yes’ flag for them.

However, criticism, blame cultures and bullying will see them heading for the door, and fast. If your organisation has this as an undercurrent you need to change it or you will really struggle moving forward to attract and retain staff.

In today’s world of recruitment there are lots of opportunities to enable you to help these guys excel and today I have covered your starting points. Need more help on developing your team and staff? Then get in contact here.


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