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The #1 Sporting Secret We Must Model

Posted by Nicky Coffin

There’s a lot we can learn from sports that if modeled or copied in our recruitment business can make a massive impact on our results.

One of the key concepts that we as recruitment business owners, directors and managers need to pay attention to that has revolutionised some sports is the concept of marginal gains.

Reason being, implementing the marginal gains or tiny tweaks process in your recruitment business will transform your recruitment business results rapidly and in some cases instantly…

We know this for a fact and want to share a quick video with you on Tiny Tweaks because we know the explosive power these ‘marginal gains’ will make for you, your team and your customers…

For e.g. taking you from feast and famine, frustration, overwhelm and mediocrity, to a high performance team, great customer relationships, a happier team and ultimately financial freedom and choice for you.

In this 5 min video, we share with you the concept and some easy wins that you can implement in your business to transform your teams and business results overnight.

Tiny Tweaks That Make A BIG difference

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