Over the last few blogs, we have shown you how to successfully make the transition from business operator to a business builder and the mindset to embody that will enable you to transform yourself into a 7 or 8 figure business person. 

We have explained why you don’t need more clients, more jobs, or more people, or work long, hard hours to scale to 7 or 8 figures, and exactly what you should do instead.   

We have demonstrated how to leverage your time and expertise and how you can ten times your results without YOU having to be hands-on; how to structure your business differently to make hiring staff easier and get more time, more placements, and ultimately financial freedom through your team. 

Though in order to do this, you need to ‘Be the change”, become a business builder and make that decision today.   

Use your secret weapons, the profit levers, so you do MORE WITH LESS and adapt with the evolution of the market and the changes that are necessary to survive and thrive – by changing to the Ultimate Models. 

The Final Critical Step You Need The Support of a Mentor 

That brings us to the fifth and final step. You have to invest in mentoring. If you want to transform your results and you have been struggling to step back from billing and get your team to step up and consistently hit targets, then guess what?   

You now know what it takes to scale your business and double your results. The fact is you do not have those things in place yet, which is why you are not getting the results you want. 

Let me ask you, do you have these set up in your business? If you were hit by a bus tomorrow, would your business be able to succeed without you being there? 

  • Do you have the right systems in place? Do you have a step-by-step strategy – with clear key priorities and goals?   
  • Do you have a rock-solid reporting system that you can look at from a distance and know exactly what is working and what is not in your business?   
  • Do you have a clearly communicated vision?   
  • Do you have the right model to build your team around?   
  • Do you know how to find and hire the right people every single time?   
  • Are you definitely working in the right niche?   

Now, if you do have these things in place, do you have somebody who can hold your hand and coach you through every step of the process who is willing to look at your business and your team structure and help you fix things and hold you accountable to yourself, who is going to take that hands-on approach to help you win? 

Do you have a mindset and performance coach to help you deal with stuff like fear and overwhelm and the panic of owning a business?   

We still feel like that sometimes, and I’m sure you do too. Do you have someone who will help you win even when you are feeling down?  

If you are missing any of these things, you need someone to work with you who can show you how to create big wins for yourself and great outcomes for your clients. 

I am not saying it has to be us, but you better work with somebody because the thing is, everybody should have a mentor.   


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Mentoring Brings New Ideas and Accountability 

I bet there are some new ideas in your head right now that would not be there if you had not accessed this material. 

The thing about accountability is that it is really key to your success. 

This is why elite athletes have a coach because a coach will push them to achieve things that they couldn’t do on their own, out of their comfort zone, and help them achieve new levels.   

A coach also holds people accountable; you’d most likely turn up for training if you knew someone else was there waiting for you but left to yourself, it would be optional. 

This brings us to the question, how can you tell a great coach from a bad? There are several groups out there in the recruitment world that are fantastic networking events. They bring in expert speakers who come and talk about new ideas, new strategies, and more information. 

I found from these events that I loved the variety; I like meeting people, but they never shared the exact HOW and What to do to implement what they were sharing. 

 I would leave these meetings feeling inspired and invigorated, but realistically I could not implement anything they shared. The R.O.I. wasn’t there. 

You do not need more information, tons of new tools, new ideas, new software, more chatter, more noise; all you are getting is a bunch of information dumped on you that you have to work out how to act on what you learn.  

You need something that works, step-by-step instructions, and somebody to hold you accountable as you implement it.   

The gold is in the follow-up and the implementation. 80% of your results come from implementation; taking new actions consistently will give new results, and this is what a coach will help you do; they will push you outside your comfort zone. 

Here are some questions to ask if you are serious about scaling your business and you get a coach.   

The first thing is, are their clients getting the kinds of results that you want? Because it is really important if you are going to be coached, it is somebody with a proven track record.   

Does their program have these things that I call the game changers, some crucial step-by-step strategies that you can follow that will quickly give you 50 plus percent return on results? 

Do they have a step-by-step strategy on how to build your business to seven or eight figures or double your results? Has this strategy been working for a long time? Do they have proof? They will be holding your hand as you execute, so you need to ensure that his strategy has been working.   

And are they absolutely world-class performance coaches? Are they going to be able to help you smash through those limiting beliefs, to hold your hand when you hit the roadblocks, to actually get you through that resistance that I talked about with the rocket?  

You need to have world-class coaching if you seriously want to become a world-class business. The bottom line here is that if you are serious about being the best in class, building a world-class recruitment business, you then have to be at the top of your game.   

You have to be fit; you have to be alert, focused, and determined; you have to be calm, patient, able to step back and think and make sure you are on track.   

You also have to put yourself out of your comfort zone. 


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You have to treat yourself like an elite athlete. They have coaches who support them, and every single millionaire, multimillionaire, or billionaire that I have met has had an amazing team around them who support them. They could not have gotten where they are on their own. 

It is impossible.   

You need to remember; you need to look after the golden goose because if the golden goose gets sick or is off colour, then there isn’t going to be any laying any more golden eggs. 

So if any of this has resonated with you so far and you’re willing to back it up with bold action, this is your invitation to schedule a call with one of our scale specialists about the possibility of working together depending on your business’s needs.  

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