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Becoming a Recruitment Business Builder: The Less is More Strategy

The next secret is what we call the less is more strategy, and this is based on using profit levers in your business.  If you want to grow your business, we’re taught that you need more clients, more consultants, more jobs, more people, more candidates, and multiple desks and niches.   Plus, you also need to…
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Becoming a Recruitment Business Builder: Mindset

Over our last few posts, we have talked about the importance of systems to build your business, so the team does the work, not you.  Today, we want to share one of the most critical levers: your mindset.  Over the years, we’ve trained thousands of recruitment business owners, and one question that comes up for…
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Becoming a Recruitment Business Builder: Systems Over Your Selling

Over the next couple of blogs, I’m going to give you some insights on the exact steps to take to restructure your business so you can attract and retain enough A players for your recruitment team to deal with the workload as you grow.  This will result in you getting back more of your precious…
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Becoming a Recruitment Business Builder: The Four Machines

In our last blog, we started the conversation about becoming a business builder rather than a super biller. The results of shifting to this process for growth changed both Katy’s and my business results.  Today I want to continue the story and share your next steps.  I realised that I only knew one way to…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: The Power of a Candidate Tribe

A challenge for recruiters is that we often have a shady reputation with candidates. And I have to say, for a long time, I wasn’t comfortable saying to my friends, “I’m in recruitment” because so many people have had such an awful experience as a candidate from a recruiter that they’re like, oh God, you’re as bad as estate agents! …
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: Follow Up Creates Your Future

Last time, we discussed the many benefits of focusing on inputs as the first step to planning scaling.  An important aspect of inputs is the follow-up level your consultant team delivers.  From the last blog, you now appreciate that sales rarely happen on the first call. Today’s market can take anything up to thirty touchpoints to convert…
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Your Candidate Tribe: The Data Will Help You Scale

This year the market has flipped, and jobs aren’t the issue. However, there is an issue with this…  Although there are lots and lots of jobs, the problem is not all of those jobs are the right types of jobs, and what is happening is people are contacting candidates multiple times for positions that aren’t right for them.  So, let’s say I’m…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: Knowing Your Metrics

So, your money-making plans are being created; you have your destination, and you have your eye on the prize.  So, what are the things that will get us there? Is it your metrics?  We have to know our metrics, whether we like them or not, because that’s the GPS to get to your destination.   So, without that, you’re going to go all around the houses, and you could…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: Develop Your Daily Habits

The next power principle we want to share is around daily habits. Habits are powerful, and when you deliver on them daily, they can provide phenomenal results.  Do the most important thing every day to completion, and your results will shift.  So, what do I mean by that?   So, let’s say for example, that you want to be on the phone…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: STOP SETTLING!

The next critical principle we want to share with you is to know what you want and stop settling!  In other words, be ruthless about letting anything into your world that is not a fit with what you genuinely want.   So, what do we mean by that?   Let me share an example many of you will be able to relate to. Right now, you will have clients that might…
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