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Your COVID Recovery – Change And Your Comfort Zone

I am sure you have heard this quote more than once.  The definition of madness is: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  Yet every one of you reading this quote, including Katy and I, have fallen foul of this more than once in our lives.  And I get it.  It’s just…
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Your COVID Recovery – What Is in The Way Is the Way

I decided to write this particular blog because I have had daily conversations with rec owners, and my observation is that a form of strange inertia is setting in; not surprising really!  As I sat down to write this post the reality dawned that we are now about to enter our fourth month of the COVID pandemic…
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The Untapped Secret To A Steady Flow of Client Leads For Your Recruitment Business

Last week the economic growth rate for April in the UK was finally released, and it was negative. The drop was over 20%, one of the highest on record.   On the upside, May moved in a positive direction, and June so far looks similar –  as we see shops and workplaces opening again,  and the FT index moving up,  the government is reviewing the two–meter…
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Why Now Is the Time to Move Your Recruitment Company Back into Gear

As I sit down to write this post, we are in early June, and the UK is starting to ‘open up’.   By the end of this month, if everything goes to plan, non-essential retail including shops selling clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, books, and electronics, will be expected to be able to reopen from June 15th if the government’s five tests are…
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Are You Willing to Develop Your New Recruiter Skill Set?

The world started to change last year, and now it is changing the way we recruit, potentially across the globe.  It’s time to up-level our skills and become true consultants.  Now, the reason that this is challenging for people is that we’ve been taught to be good recruiters. We haven’t been taught how to do a high level…
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Your BD Focus Areas Pre and Post Covid That Will Grow Your Business

There are five options when it comes to a business development focus for your recruiting business; some will work, and others won’t.   Let’s explore them here.  You can take your existing service recruitment and sell that to existing clients. But as you’ll see, most of the clients turned that tap off. So that’s not an…
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The 2 Crippling Mistakes Recruiters Are Making in The Current Covid Space

I am going to talk through the two mistakes that we see at the minute that recruiters are making; we can understand why, and the facts are that neither is helpful. Let me explain.  Here is number one; something new for a recruiter to say.    I Can’t Sell During COVID  So, the biggest mistake we see at the moment is people saying it is…
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Surviving in The Covid Recruitment Marketplace Starts With A Decision

Challenges come and go in life. I wonder how many of you like me experienced what happened in the last few recessions that hit the recruitment sector; 2001 and 2008 spring to mind.  On both occasions, I survived and had some of my best years ever.  How did I pivot and adapt, and what do you need to…
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Developing The Mindset Of A Multiple 7 Figure Business Owner

Over the last few posts, we have focused on shifting your mindset and the beliefs which keep you stuck. You might wonder why so much content on this subject?  Because if you learn and embrace this and move into action, your results will shift – and dramatically.  That is an upside.  The downside is that we need…
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Recruitment Business Success-The Belief Systems That Hold You Back

Our beliefs can make magic or mayhem in our lives. By inspiring us into action or limiting what we ‘think’ is possible for us.  Things that you believe which you think are real will limit you from achieving fantastic results.  Fundamentally, beliefs govern your life.   Think about it – people will die for things they believe in; this is how strong they are.  Now,…
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