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Yes Nicky! I Want To Sign Up To RockIT Your Recruitment Growth (26-27 June, London)

WARNING: This 60% OFF Webinar Special Opportunity is Only Available For A Limited Time!

I realise when I sign up for the webinar attendees offer only, here’s what I’m getting…

Gold Standard Ticket - RockIT Your Business Growth - 2 Day Intensive Training (£999 Value)

Day 1 - We’ll help you uncover the hidden resources you have locked inside to become a great leader, the tools you need to step away from selling and increase your results without increasing the demands on your time and your constant  involvement.

Day 2 – We’ll work with you to put together your ‘Recruitment Success Game Plan’. A simple yet detailed plan, designed to help you “chunk down” your journey into achievable milestones so that you can grow and scale your business, year on year, by 30%-50%+ over the next 12 – 24 months. This event is a life changer…. Be prepared to be blown away when you discover how good you really are and what is truly possible!

Course Materials

Admission to all workshop sessions

Networking opportunities with like-minded recruitment professionals

Total Value: £999

Normal Price: £399

Webinar Special Offer Price: £299

VIP Ticket - RockIT Your Business Growth - 2 Day Intensive Training (£3388 Value)

Which includes everything that’s in the standard Gold Package


Bonus #1: Lifetime access to our Gold Jobs Game Changer (£497 value) An online course which shows you step-by- step how to increase the percentage of jobs you fill and exactly how to roll this out with your team

Bonus #2: Mastermind lunch with Nicky and Katy (£397 Value) 
where we will answer ANY questions about your business and it’s growth

Bonus #3: All Templates, Checklists and Tools on USB Drive (£99 Value) Easy step-by-step templates mapped out that you can use with your team to implement the changes quickly

BONUS #4: “How to Manage Your Business from a Distance” Masterclass (£247 value) which shows you exactly what you need in place so that you can manage performance consistency without being in the office

Bonus #5: 2 x Talent Dynamics profiles (£150 value) Uncovers where you are most 'In Flow' and where you should be spending the majority of your time. When you are working 'in Flow', productivity increases, results improve dramatically, you have more fun and feel more connected to the organisation.

Bonus #6: Admission for yourself PLUS 1! (£999 value) Bring your business partner, fellow director or senior manager tothe full workshop at no extra cost

Total Value: £3388

Normal Price: £799

Webinar Special Offer Price: £599

Count me in for the RockIT 2-Day Workshop ticket, Nicky and Katy!

I’m ready to grow my business and make small tweaks to my processes that will transform my results using the RockIT Your Business Growth Strategies.

I want access to Gold Jobs Game Changers and Distance Managing Your Business, I understand I will get access to an online platform with simple step by step exercises, templates and checklists that I can use myself and with my team to help me increase the percentage of jobs I fill.

You’ll also provide me with templates, scripts, exercises and examples to give me every possible short cut.

And I can also order with confidence because of your 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, after the 2 day workshop if I have not experienced x3 the value I paid then I will be able to hand my manual back and get my money refunded no questions asked.

Don't Just Take Our Word

Cathy Bates

I went on RockIT and came back two days later a different person. After completing some exercises with my team I have even greater clarity. I was stuck when I first went to work with Nicky many years ago. With her help I grew very quickly but reached a ceiling and I haven’t really moved forward from there.

I can honestly that something has happened to me and it is huge. I feel as if I can suddenly see everything with great clarity. I know the answers to everything; when I look at people I can see why they are behaving in certain ways and I’m crystal clear on my vision and my greater purpose of why I am here. For me the change is monumental. I wanted to share this as you may want the same things as me. The rest as they say is up to you... Cathy Bates

18 months ago I had a 6 year old recruitment business that was profitable but not growing; I was on the verge of downsizing when I stumbled on one of Nicky’s free webinars.  Since then, I have doubled my turnover and now have a thriving, growing business.  I can’t stress enough what a difference these courses have made and highly recommend Nicky and her team.  Louise Shepherd

Louise Shepherd
Jamie Rogers

Before working with Nicky, my monthly billings were averaging around £6k-£7k per month. She really drilled down into the areas that were troubling me and fixed the issues from the foundations. In the last three months I have quadrupled my average billings at £25k a month!  Jamie Rogers