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Your Candidate is King Challenge: Follow Up Creates Your Future

Last time, we discussed the many benefits of focusing on inputs as the first step to planning scaling.  An important aspect of inputs is the follow-up level your consultant team delivers.  From the last blog, you now appreciate that sales rarely happen on the first call. Today’s market can take anything up to thirty touchpoints to convert…
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Your Candidate Tribe: The Data Will Help You Scale

This year the market has flipped, and jobs aren’t the issue. However, there is an issue with this…  Although there are lots and lots of jobs, the problem is not all of those jobs are the right types of jobs, and what is happening is people are contacting candidates multiple times for positions that aren’t right for them.  So, let’s say I’m…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: Knowing Your Metrics

So, your money-making plans are being created; you have your destination, and you have your eye on the prize.  So, what are the things that will get us there? Is it your metrics?  We have to know our metrics, whether we like them or not, because that’s the GPS to get to your destination.   So, without that, you’re going to go all around the houses, and you could…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: Develop Your Daily Habits

The next power principle we want to share is around daily habits. Habits are powerful, and when you deliver on them daily, they can provide phenomenal results.  Do the most important thing every day to completion, and your results will shift.  So, what do I mean by that?   So, let’s say for example, that you want to be on the phone…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: STOP SETTLING!

The next critical principle we want to share with you is to know what you want and stop settling!  In other words, be ruthless about letting anything into your world that is not a fit with what you genuinely want.   So, what do we mean by that?   Let me share an example many of you will be able to relate to. Right now, you will have clients that might…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: Surround Yourself with Like-minded Souls

As we continue our series on candidate attraction, the next step is to surround yourself with like-minded souls; those people on the same mission as you.  So, what do I mean by this statement that you might have heard before?  Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins original mentor, shared that the five people you spend the most time with are essentially who…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: The Magic of Being at Cause

Being at cause?   It sounds strange, doesn’t it; yet this is a universal law that can quite literally change your life. Let me give you some background on this from the world of N.L.P.  So, there’s a universal law that ‘something’ causes every effect that happens in our world, from our successes to our failures.    Are You a Creator…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: Managing Your Manic Mind

So we know from the last few blogs that our mind is bat shit crazy a lot of the time! And unless we have a strategy to control how it controls us, we will keep repeating the same patterns that will deliver the same results.  And if you are reading this, I suspect they are not the ones you want? …
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: Your Manic Mind

We are carrying on our mindset conversation from last time, which you can read here. It is now time to consider how we get a different set of results.  So we need to teach ourselves how to deactivate our stress and fear levels to create a different set of results. How do we master our thoughts to ensure that we’re focusing on exactly what we want?   There’s a…
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Your Candidate is King Challenge: The Real Candidate Opportunity

In our last blog, we talked about the challenge of low candidate flow, which you can read here. It’s a challenge, so what is the answer? Create a system.  The good news is when you have a candidate attraction and conversion system in place, you can capitalise on three big opportunities in the market right now.  And the thing…
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