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Do you have a business that's fit to scale? Discover your score and how you stack up.

Why The 360 Model Is Dead (and The Model You Should Be Using Instead)

When we first started out in recruitment, business was easy.  All you needed was a phone, a fax and a Filofax.  You got given a candidate, you would market them out, three clients would phone you back, you would set up interviews, then place the candidate.  Happy days.   You might have needed a Yellow Pages too,  but that was about it.   However, these days you have the…
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Clarify Your Business Vision for 2020

When I ask most recruitment business owners and managers what they want – most people respond with something like:  “To build a business that is worth something so that I can either sell it or have the option to not work in it 24/7.”  This vision is fine – but it’s too nebulous and unspecific.     Get…
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4 Ways to Achieve Consistent Billings From Your Recruitment Team

One of the biggest challenges recruitment business owners face is a team who consistently suffer from yo–yo billings.  Am I describing you and your recruitment team?  Are you going from month to month with no idea of exactly where your next placement is going to come from?  Some months seem to fly, and business is great, and then suddenly next month the bottom drops…
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How To Get Your Mojo Back – Fast

Last week I was talking to a couple of members on our RockIT programme. They have been knocking it out of the park all year, and yet for some reason, their ‘mojo’ was starting to fall.  It’s a universal challenge; especially in high achievers who keep pushing themselves. This might even be you?  It’s far too easy to look at…
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5 Ways to Make Your Billing Team Accountable

Accountability?  It’s something successful recruitment business owners develop in their team.  It’s ‘must–do’ activity for genuinely successful people.  So how do you go about getting more accountability from your team? This is such a common challenge amongst so many recruitment leaders and senior managers right now, and it’s a topic I get asked about frequently.  Not surprising really, because…
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The Secret To Smashing Sales Targets

If you want to achieve things that you’ve never achieved before, you need to do different things differently, behave and think differently.   You must become a different person.  Over the years I have trained hundreds of recruitment business owners, recruiters, directors.  The one question that comes up for me every single time is …  Why is it, that…
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The Real Reason You Are Struggling To Increase Your Sales…. And How To Change It

There are two key beliefs that are linked to your success.     The first belief is about how much money you can earn.  I would say you actually have a ceiling in place.  I have seen it again and again and again.  Even very successful people have a ceiling of what they are capable or worth.   What happens is, if they go above that ceiling, they self-sabotage.  It is like…
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Your Recruitment Business Growth and The High Cost of Team Toleration

When you’re first starting out building your recruitment business, as a one or ‘two-man band’, you are very pleased when an experienced recruiter agrees to join your team to work for you – especially considering you are just starting out and may be a high risk.     You don’t want to upset anyone on your team in case that person gets “pissed–off” and leaves, and this means…
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How to Create Consistent Performance on a Daily Basis?

I was reading an old sales book recently which is as relevant today as ever. It focused on the saying that:  “What Gets Measured Gets Made!”  Let me use a story to illustrate this point for you.  Picture this… Imagine a small plane flying across the Atlantic, and the pilot suddenly comes over the tannoy and says, “I’ve got some…
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What Makes A Good Recruitment Resourcer?

With the 360-model fading fast, we are often asked about how to find and bring onboard great resourcers who are vital to your billing team.  I was recently asked this question by a recruitment business owner who was having endless problems at both ends of the hiring spectrum; whether they were a rookie resourcer or an experienced pro; it just wasn’t…
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