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Yes Nicky! I Want To Sign Up To Your GAME CHANGERS

WARNING: This 50% OFF Webinar Special Opportunity is Only Available For….


I realize when I sign up for the webinar attendees offer only, here’s what I’m getting…

RockIT Your Jobs Filled (£497 Value)
You will discover how to…

  • Properly identify what a gold job is for your specific business
  • Audit your current job stock - what stays and what goes
  • Identify a “Gold” Job from the start
  • Communicate effectively to client when you can no longer work a job, and
  • Work with consultants to manage job quality consistently

RockIT Your Fees (£497 Value)

You will discover how to…

  • Map your entire recruitment process so you understand your value, exactly what you offer your clients and the costs associated with those activities
  • How to get your team understand the value of your offering so they can confidently ask for the fees you want.
  • Clearly articulate the value you offer your clients both professionally and personally
  • Determine a new % fee that feels good, and
  • Confidently present your new fee.

RockIT Your Candidates Placed (£497 Value)

You will discover how to…

  • Define YOUR most place-able candidate
  • Find more MPC’s
  • Approach your MPC’s, get buy-in and exclusivity
  • Articulate the benefits and features of your candidate and find clients who want to hire them
  • How to market your candidate and
    get results

RockIT Your Niche (£497 Value)

You will discover how to…

  • Examine past performance to determine your ideal client and candidate
  • Identify & get rid of the gremlins and blocks that have been holding you back
  • Create slip streams to increase results
  • Ways to move existing mediocre clients into key buying clients

3 Monthly Group Q & A Coaching Calls (£291 Value)

If you need any extra help to implement the training, then simply send in your questions and I’ll walk you through any problems you’re having to help you come unstuck fast!

Every Template, Script and Check List You’ll Need (£497 Value)

There’s no need for you to re-invent the wheel! Instead I’ll provide you with simple fill in the blanks templates, scripts and checklists so you can take advantage of my 18 years of testing what works and cut out the painful learning curve.

Private Online Networking Exclusively for Game Changers Members (£997 Value)

Here you can connect with other like minded Game Changer members as you work through the Game Changers – this is an extremely valuable resource since you can find immediate answers to your questions, access to other resources and tools that have been tested and make a big difference…and fast help from our growing community.

Bonus: RockIT Your Leadership and Game Plan Event (£2997 Value)

2 Day intensive training.  Day 1 we’ll help you uncover the hidden resources you have locked inside to become a great leader, the tools you need to step away from selling and increase your results without increasing the demands on your time and your constant involvement.   On Day 2, we will work with you to put together your ‘Recruitment Success Game Plan’.  A simple yet detailed plan, designed to help you “chunk down” your journey into achievable milestones so that you can grow and scale your business, year on year, by 30%-50%+ over the next 12 – 24 months.  This event is a life changer…. Be prepared to be blown away when you discover how good you really are and what is truly possible!

Total Value: £6770

Normal Price: £1995

Webinar Special Offer Price: £997


Sign up takes less than 60 seconds.  Get started now!

18 months ago I had a 6 year old recruitment business that was profitable but not growing; I was on the verge of downsizing when I stumbled on one of Nicky’s free webinars.  Since then, I have doubled my turnover and now have a thriving, growing business.  I can’t stress enough what a difference these courses have made and highly recommend Nicky and her team.  Louise Shepherd

Louise Shepherd
Jamie Rogers

Before working with Nicky, my monthly billings were averaging around £6k-£7k per month. She really drilled down into the areas that were troubling me and fixed the issues from the foundations. In the last three months I have quadrupled my average billings at £25k a month!  Jamie Rogers

Nicky is able to pick out the key drivers for your business and the areas where you need to change. There might be small changes, there might be large changes, but those changes that she encourages you to implement will have a dramatic impact on where your business goes and what it does…  Mike Jones, MD, Codex

Mike Jones

The ‘Slight Edge’ fee increase tool was a game changer for me for the simple reason that we are trying to get amazing results most of the time from average individuals. So gaining slight edges/tiny tweaks from consultants we will see instant results. Also it was so simple yet very effective and very easy to implement. With my current staff that I have they will be able to see game changing results very quickly. The whole thing was great and we have adapted some of our working practices off the back of this training.  Matt Byrne-Fraser, Manager, Headhunter Group