Over the last few posts, we have focused on shifting your mindset and the beliefs which keep you stuck. You might wonder why so much content on this subject? 

Because if you learn and embrace this and move into action, your results will shift – and dramatically. 

That is an upside. 

The downside is that we need to pay constant attention to our mind and beliefs as we move from level to level. 

As we move to different levels of growth and success, we will still have beliefs that will come up for us, which we need to the handle. The good news is, we now understand what they are. 

I started to study this about ten years ago and implement it both in my business and at home and during this time I have been my happiest, married with two lovely children, and I have a company that fulfils me and is successful. 

This is why Katy and I, and the Centreexcellence team focus so much on helping people shift their mindset and belief systems because it is a skill that will serve you in every aspect of your life for many years to come. 

Because what happens is, you go from where you are and you clear one belief, and then you move to the next level, and something else comes up which you had no idea about. 

A friend of mine says another level, a different devil! 

You have moved to the next level with your business. You then hit another obstacle that you didnt even know was there. 

Why? Because you have never been there before then something else appears. 

Fact: Your work never stops. You keep unearthing limiting beliefs you didnt even realise you had as you move up the success ladder. 


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Why is this important in business? Well, you will have a belief in your mind at this minute in time about how much money you feel youre able to earn. And if you dont believe me on this,  look at what you have taken home, what have you earned in the last three years?  

It is highly likely that it will be the same amount or thereabouts over the last three years. And its highly likely that youre paying yourself anywhere between two and half and three thousand pounds a month from your business.  I bet youll have people in your team who are earning way more than you; am I correct? 

Uncovering and handling these beliefs is a process. 

Let me share a few examples of beliefs you might just have. 

  • Im not good enough  
  • Im not confident enough  
  • Im not organised enough to have this 
  • I dont deserve it 
  • I dont have enough time 
  • I dont have enough brains 
  • I dont have enough experience.  

You can pretty much insert anything here. 

I cant do X so why bother. I know its not going to work, so I might as well not even start.  

Fact: The fear of failure is one of the biggest things that stops you from achieving your dreams.  

What were looking at is shifting some of these beliefs because the cool thing about this is your mirror is a reflection of whats going on in your head and what is going on in your life. 

So for example, if you have clients who arent paying you on time or people who are disappearing, then its likely that youre not paying your suppliers or your team on time. 

If your business is a mess, look at your house. Look at your garden, look at your cupboards, look at your drawers, look at where the mess is.  

As soon as you clear that up, look at your garage, your shed, you clear that up, and things will start to get organised in your world.  

Maybe people in your team are doing things that you dont like.  

We have this thing, you know, you point one finger at somebody else and guess what three fingers are pointing back at you! 


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So you want to be asking yourself, how is that behaviour me? Its called perception is projection. 

I know this sounds crazy, and I wonder if you can relate – what you perceive is actually you. 

A guy I coached a while back was complaining to me about a client who had agreed on a placement then disappeared. He had left 50 messages for him and nothing. 

He was having a good old whine, so I asked him where he wasnt getting back to someone. 

Of course, he said he always got back to people; at work. However, as we explored this further, we uncovered that his mum and sister had left over 16 messages for him, which he hadnt returned. 

His response was …. Oh, s*&^.  Spooky I know, and he then rang me and explained that he had rung his mum and sister and then weirdly the client rang him back. 

Are there incompletes in your life that need to be resolved? 

These are decisions, and its either a hell yes or hell no, and if youre also stuck on this, just think, if I were a six or seven-figure business man or woman, what decision would they make? 

If ever Im unsure about what to do, I step into that place and say, right, what am I going to do from that perspective as a seven or eight-figure business owner?  

What decision would I make here? And thats then the decision to move forward with. 

The cool thing about this is when you shift your mind internally, your external world will change even without you doing anything; its so cool. 

So when you shift your mindset internally, everything externally changes too without you doing anything different.  


Warm regards  

Nicky and Katy 

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