Over the years I have worked in recruitment (approaching 18 now), I have seen every shape, size and skill level of recruitment consultant and manager.

I have worked with those amazing star billers too; the ‘lovely’ ones and the prima donnas.

‘Horses for courses’ I think the expression is and that is certainly true when it comes to people in the recruitment industry.

My experience is that the wider billing team all have different levels of talent across a spectrum of activities.

Having one extreme level of talent is OK when we have one level of focus as the companies’ star biller.

Head down BD, BD, BD! Then get the candidates across and BOOM!

Then everything changes if you are ambitious and want more. #yourownbusiness



Here is what I suspect might have happened if your growth is stalled

No doubt like me you were a bit naïve and thought that because you could bill £2-300k without breaking a sweat, everyone else could? #WRONG


Spoiler Alert: You need good people around you to scale and grow.

Every week I see recruitment owners struggling to scale and a big reason is their inability to manage, develop and grow their team.

It’s not their fault either. Leadership and management is a skill that:

  1. Has to be learned.
  2. Put into consistent practise; Daily.


A story for you

A great client of mine started life as an independent and went off like a rocket in his first full year.

He is a B.D. king, who is incredibly ambitious.

Next step was to recruit and grow his new company that is when the fun started! Imagine never having managed and then suddenly you have moved out of your flat, into an office …and with two more recruiter mouths to feed.




Luckily, he is super bright and asked for help and then joined one of our billing manager programmes.

Cycle forward a year and he is now up to a team of 8. He has achieved that success because of focus, structure and working on his mindset.

As the business leader, you are central to the success of your business.


Remember everything cascades from you.

The reality is your team’s performance most certainly will start and end with you.

Be that those fists punching super months of billing or downright catastrophes when the wet fish comes out; and you are wondering if you will meet payroll.

Good news though, as with all things in life you can change your results; because it starts with you.

Here is a secret most people don’t appreciate, your previous star biller winning attitude, can be replicated as a manager and leader of your own organisation.

There are specific skills and structures that work consistently to deliver results as a manager or leader in the recruitment sector; if you implement them. Here are some examples:

  • Induction plans
  • Performance reviews
  • Coaching (both you and your team)
  • Skill based training
  • Career paths
  • Competitions and incentives.



High performance individuals usually excel at multiple things because they apply themselves and learn what needs to be done.

The mind is incredibly powerful and our thoughts control our actions, which control our results.

There are several specific strategies that can help when it comes to working with our minds. You can find a huge selection to help here on the Centredexcellence blog.

We go into more detail in our various programmes.

Special event: On March 28th, we are running a one day event our only one this year where we share the formula to scale from high 6 figures to 7 and beyond. Numbers are limited and you can find out more here.