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Game Changers

The Game Changers

- The 4 Simple Step-by-Step Strategies To Increase Profits and Placements Without Working Any Harder

Want To Know How to Easily Add £400,000 Profit For Your Recruitment Business... WITHOUT Working Any Harder While Getting Your Team More Productive?


If you are busting your gut right now trying to get your team making more placements so you can grow your Recruitment Business, then listen up.

You can make a decision TODAY that will not only free up 4-6 hours every single week, but also add £400,000 to your annual GP!

???? Have you ever wondered why the sheer volume of jobs and candidates that your Consultants are working on is not resulting in a lot more placements and contractors?

???? Do you hate it when month end is fast approaching and what should (on paper) have been an amazing month, produces less than satisfactory results?

???? Would you like to know a powerful way to instantly change this, so that you can reliably predict your month end revenue from the off?

Centred Excellence presents ‘Game Changers’ - an online immersion programme focused on getting your team to make simple tweaks and become masters in 4 KEY AREAS within your recruitment process that will increase the number of placements they make and give them up to 4 hours extra a day.

There’s a myth floating round about growing your recruitment business untrue myth that could have DIRE consequences for anyone who believes it.

Want to know what it is?

It's the myth that getting your consultants to make 3+ placements a month and growing your business is going to be even harder work, because in order to do this you need more new business, more staff, more time… more of everything…

Right now there are thousands of business owners, directors and managers out there...

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...who have no idea how much they are being held BACK by thinking that better results, more productive team members, and a track record of superior results for your clients is going to be really hard work.

It's sad, but true. Most business owners are so caught up in the day to day chaos that ensues when running a recruitment business sorting out problems, delivering to clients, chasing new business, managing cash flow, that they miss the £££££££ sat right under their noses that is already there.

They’re so busy working ‘IN’ the business that don’t realise that they are wasting thousands of £££££ each day on EVERY SINGLE placement, job and candidate interviewed by them or their team….

But how do you double or triple your profits without getting more business, more staff, more time?

Fortunately, that's exactly what you're about to learn...

FACT: You only need to focus on ONE or TWO key areas in your business to rocket your results (50% - 250% growth) quickly…

The BEST and TOP Performing Recruitment Businesses Only Focus On Key Areas Of Their Recruitment Process – That They Master And Replicate. We Call These ‘The Game Changers’ or Key Profit Levers… (And they know exactly what they are, they have a proven process for how they deliver them, it has been named and visually illustrated and everyone is adhering to them…)

I'm not going to sell you on the importance of knowing what your profit levers are. If you're here, you already know that there are key parts of the recruitment process that will make or break a deal and it’s crucial that you master these areas, because being a master at these profit levers:

  • Is one of the highest ROI activities in your business…
  • Engages & nurtures both clients and candidates to generate new leads and sales…
  • Can be automated so that you can literally set the process up once and leverage off it time and time again….

In other words, Game Changers deliver better quality service, candidates and results for your customers and your team… and as long as you have a team, you can set it up so you can do all this on autopilot. So that's why businesses need to know and implement the Profit Levers.

There's just one problem: Most business owners don't know what they are or how to get their team doing them.

That’s where we can help...


The ‘Game Changers’ - 4 Keys to increasing Profits Instantly Without Working Harder"

  • Gold Jobs Game Changer
  • Most Place-able VIP Candidates Game Changer
  • Inch Wide – Mile Deep Game Changer
  • Fee Increase Game Changer

When we teach you how implement the 4 Game Changers:

You will be able to help your team generate better quality jobs, make more placements, get more leads, sales and engagement from their clients and candidates.

This online training programme will give you full command of the 4 Profit Levers – the models that have helped businesses just like yours achieve up £400k+ within 6 months or less.

While simple, these strategies have had a dramatic, positive change on the recruitment industry… and have helped business owners, managers and recruiters to experience results that they never thought possible.

What You'll Learn In These 4 Courses

RockIT Your Fees Game Changer

- How to Increase your fee level congruently and confidently by as much as 10% – so your team are able to ask for the fees that they deserve each and every time

Gold Jobs Game Changer

- Get your team bringing in and working on the quality jobs each and every time without you having to micro management them – which gives you between 1 – 3+ extra placements per consultant per month….

Inch Wide Mile Deep Game Changer

- Get crystal clear on your niches, specifically your ideal clients and candidates, that can increase your number of placements made and average fee by 50% of more within 4 weeks or less.

VIP Candidates Game Changer

- How to offer candidates a unique service that will open new business for you and increase placements for your team.

You will be able to:

Confidently say goodbye to time wasting or low value activities and customers that gives you back an extra 2 – 6 hours per person a day per day!

Know exactly the ONE area to focus on that can double or trip your results and more importantly exactly what you need to do with your team to get them to change…

Uncover the leaky holes you’re currently unaware of in your business and with your team that are costing you ££££££ hundreds of thousands of pounds each year…..

Earn more, work less, work smarter and feel happier… that’s for you AND your team!


...and much, MUCH more!

Game Changers

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for this week. I loved it. And I’ll be honest - it’s the mindset stuff that I love. The other stuff I’m just annoyed that I haven’t thought of it myself - but the mindset stuff.... I’m a different person. And as an aside - I genuinely think Liz and I were meant to meet. She is ace and we have so much in common and I think we will help each other.

Literally haven’t stopped thinking about some of the learning. I know you already know this - and have made a difference to so many people - but for what it’s worth - you have made a difference to me. Personally and professionally. Thank you."

Abi Dunn

Founder - Sixtyeight People
Sarah Leembrugen

"It’s been transformational for me, helping me step up. In fact, the way I used to work and run the business is unrecognisable. The team have helped me introduce processes that work and are easy to manage. More importantly they have taken me on a journey of self-discovery and learning, reminding me of my purpose and squashing unhelpful limiting beliefs. The emotional support, guidance and expert advice is on tap and the expertise you gain from group members is invaluable too.

I have never come across a programme quite like it. They’re not just super smart and supportive people who run it but great fun too. In fact, I could have just written two words – game changer."

Sarah Leembruggen

MD – The Works

Game Changer Course Details

These 4 step-by- step Game Changers (which total 3.5 hours of training) are broken down into manageable bite size chunks so you can integrate them and implement the training into the busy working. You'll learn everything you need to know about:

Winning better quality ‘Gold Jobs’ so your team can increase fill rate by 50% - 90%

Using MPC Candidates to open doors and make placements quickly

Confidently asking for and get the fees you’re worth

How to master working a niche to increase your results by 100%, become an expert in your space so clients and candidates approach you!

What’s included:


RockIT Your Jobs Filled Game Changer

You’ll Learn:

  • Lesson 1: What Are Gold Jobs and What Difference They Make to Profits
  • Lesson 2: My Gold Jobs – Getting Clear On The Specific Criteria
  • Lesson 3: Should I Be Working This Job? How To Audit Live Jobs And Uncover Where the Gold Is - What To Work and What To Bin…
  • Lesson 4: How to Get Gold Jobs From the Start
  • Lesson 5: How To Get Your Team Making Consistent Placements From Gold Jobs
  • Lesson 6: JFDI & Wrap-Up

RockIT Your Candidates Placed Game Changer

You’ll Learn:

  • Lesson 1: Why MPC’s – What’s In It For Them and For Me?
  • Lesson 2: Defining Your MPC – So You Know EXACTLY Who To Focus On To Make Placements Quickly
  • Lesson 3: How To Build a Pool Of Sort After MPC’s
  • Lesson 4: How to Approach and Get Exclusivity From Your MPC
  • Lesson 5: How To Map The Market
  • Lesson 6: Packaging and Marketing Out Your Candidate To Win New Clients
  • Lesson 7: JFDI & Wrap-up

RockIT Your Fees - Game Changer

You’ll Learn:

  • Lesson 1: Why Change - WIIFY?
  • Lesson 2: Understanding and Getting Clear On Your Unique Service Offering
  • Lesson 3: Uncovering The Gold and Value of Your Process
  • Lesson 4: How To Confidently Set Your Fee
  • Lesson 5: How To Communicating Your Fee To Clients
  • Lesson 6: JFDI & Wrap-up

Game Changer - RockIT Your Niche

You’ll Learn:

  • Lesson 1: What is Inch Wide – Mile Deep
  • Lesson 2: Why Less Is More and How It Will Give You Up to 4+ HoursExtra a Day!
  • Lesson 3: How To Find Your Most Profitable Niche
  • Lesson 4: How To Use Your Existing Network To Make Placements Quickly
  • Lesson 5: Slip Streaming and How To Use This Strategy To Increase Revenue
  • Lesson 6: JFDI & Wrap-up

First 3 Months Group Q & A Coaching Calls ($268 Value)

If you need any extra help to implement the training, then simply send in your questions and I’ll walk you through any problems you’re having to help you come unstuck fast!

Every Template, Script and Check List You’ll Need ($1355 Value)

There’s no need for you to spend days re-inventing the wheel and documenting your processes! Instead I’ll provide you with simple fill in the blanks templates, scripts and checklists so you can take advantage of our 18+ years of testing what works and cut out the painful learning curve.

Private Online Networking Exclusively for Game Changers Members ($1355 Value)

Here you can connect with other like minded Game Changer members as you work through the Game Changers – this is an extremely valuable resource since you can find immediate answers to your questions, access to other resources and tools that have been tested and make a big difference…and fast help from our
growing community.

Bonus ticket to our live event - RockIT Your Leadership and Game Plan Event ($542 Value)

2 Day intensive training. Day 1 we’ll help you uncover the hidden resources you have locked inside to become a great leader, the tools you need to step away from selling and increase your results without increasing the demands on your time and your constant involvement. On Day 2, we will work with you to put together your ‘Recruitment Success Game Plan’. A simple yet detailed plan, designed to help you “chunk down” your journey into achievable milestones so that you can grow and scale your business, year on year, by 30%-50%+ over the next 12 – 24 months. This event is a life changer…. Be prepared to be blown away when you discover how good you really are and what is truly possible!

Live abroad – why not join us live? (We’ve had people fly in from Africa to attend the workshop!) If you can’t make it – we live stream the event too.

What You'll Get:

When you enrol today, you'll receive instant access to all 4 Game Changers:

  • RockIT Your Jobs Filled
  • RockIT Your Fees
  • RockIT Your Candidates Placed
  • RockIT Your Niche
  • 26 Video Lessons
  • 35 Handouts
  • First 3 Months Group Q & A Coaching Calls
  • Every Template, Script and Check List You’ll Need
  • Private Online Networking Exclusively for Game Changers Members
  • Bonus ticket to our live event

Course Details:

  • Tuition: £1997+VAT ($2826) or 4 Payments £547  +VAT ($774)
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Setting: Online/Virtual
  • Course Length: 3.5 Hours
  • Expected Completion Time: 2 - 7 Days
Game Changers

“The combination of Nicky and Katy is powerful. Nicky does more inner work and is able to help you go to a deeper level which means you understand yourself, what you want, what drives you and what is blocking you. This, then allows Katy to give you the how to achieve what you want. Katy is very good at how you’re going to act and move towards what you want.

She builds excellent rapport and trust with the team and managers. She’s got this ability to make an individual question themselves as to how they’re going to get there.

I see them as my partners. They are genuinely interested in the business doing well and they can both work at any level.”

Mina Machacek

MD – Creative Personnel
Lee Durrant

“Working with Nicky and the Centred Excellence team have helped us transform our business. Nicky and Katie have been there and done it. They understand what it’s like to be a business owner.
Nicky helped us figure out why we came into the business and what we now want. Then she helped us see how we could take our business to a new level and supported us to make it happen.
When you are a couple working together in business, there is only each other to talk to. When we joined the Become a Great Recruitment Manager Training Programme we suddenly had access not only to Katie and Nicky but also a group of likeminded business owners for support and ideas.

Nicky also has access to an industry network that where ever you are at in the recruitment business life cycle she has a partner she can introduce you to help. Knowing that someone is at the end of the phone is invaluable. If Nicky doesn’t have the answer, she inevitably will know someone who does.

We have also valued the fact that Nicky and Katie are a good team, the balance of Nicky’s coaching approach and Katie’s: direct, ‘do this’ approach has really worked for us.”

Lee & Theresa Durrant

Founders, Resource on Demand

“Nicky challenges you to make a difference to what’s important and encourages you to just do it and not to be afraid if things go wrong.”

Andrew Brindley

MD, AJ Recruitment
Emma Crayfourd

“Nicky is straight talking, honest and open and gives great personal examples of what does and doesn’t work. She talks common sense.”

Emma Crayfourd

Team Leader, White Label Recruitment

How It Works


There are 4 Game Changers to work through – 3.5 hours of intensive training. Each Game Changer has 6 lessons and exercises to complete. I would recommend picking one Game Changer to start with and complete in full with your team before
moving onto the next one…

Book Time With Your Team to Complete the Training Together – 2/3 hours in total

When Game Changer Completed in Full - Pick Another Game Changer to Implement

Just £1997+VAT ($2826)


4 Payments £547+VAT ($774)

Who Should Get The Game Changers?

Recruitment Business Owners, Directors, Managers and Independent Recruiters who:

Are working themselves to the bone, feel stuck and are frustrated that they are not getting the results they want

Want to work smarter rather than harder and don’t know where to start or how to get their team following them

Are still the main biller and want the team to step up but are frustrated that you can’t get them billing the same level as you.

Are serious about building a top performing team, but have never had any formal training on how to grow your business and have run out of ideas of what to do

Have a small business but are now ready to grow your team and wants to set your business up properly from the start…

Want to find an easier and quicker way of scaling your business to 7 – 8 figures.

If you’ve read this far, chances are that this is resonating with you and you can see a lot here to gain from being here....

Why Should You Get Game Changers?

If you are struggling with any of the following problems, Game Changers will help you…

I know what needs to be done – can’t get my team to do it….

Knowing what to do and getting your team bought in to it are 2 very different things and this is where most people struggle…. The reason why, they are a great sales person, not a coach / trainer….. That’s why we literally will walk you step by step through the process and give you the exact exercises that you need so you can implement the changes with your team so that they not only buy in, but make the changes quickly….

My team are underperforming, jobs and candidates coming in – but just not hitting targets.

This is something I see all too much – and it’s so frustrating for a business owner, because you can see the pounds leaking out the door….. The good news is that this can change quickly when you add in a few key processes that are easy to implement and that is what we are going to show you how to do in our workshop…. You will be able to take an under performer to making placements within 14 days or less (as long as they have the right attitude)

You are still the biggest biller and frustrated that you can’t get your team billing to the same level as you.

You are not alone…. This is such a big problem for so many recruitment business owners that can send you into a whole heap of overwhelm and burnout…. People really struggle to step away from the tools because they are worried what will happen to cash flow if they stop billing because they’ve run out of ideas of how to get their team billing consistently. The good news is that there is a way to step back from billing AND get your team performing consistently too – and its not what you’d think…. We will show you a way to structure the team so that you get your life back and your team start performing without you having to micromanage them!

I’ve never stopped to look at what’s really working in my business, because I don’t know where to start….

This is really common – it’s a point of analysis paralysis… well the good news is that is one of the key reasons we have put together our step by step profit lever process – based on our years of experience we know exactly what you need to be tracking and this is what we will show you to do in the workshop…

We are working on fees from 12 %– 18%. Because my team doesn’t know how or are not confident to ask for a higher fee level

So many recruiters struggle because they don’t know how to ask or actually relies the value of your offering which is why they get fearful when stating the price. Now we aren’t going to teach you how to suck eggs in terms of selling – because you are already a mast seller, what we will be doing is to show you is how to teach your team what they need to do so they are confident and can
ask for the fees that they are worth each time.

We are covering a whole how of different types of roles / vacancies – because a) we need the cash and b) our clients as asking us and we don’t want to say no in case they go to a competitor….

This is a tricky one its hard to say no to money… the thing is that by saying yes to this means that you are saying no to financial freedom and a more balanced business… In this workshop we will help you to get clear on what to say yes and what to say no to – that honors both parties (i.e. you and the client) and how to do it in a way that is congruent and leaves the  relationship solid with the client.

We are relying on one big client that is giving them most of their business

This is great when the sun’s shining, but if they suddenly stopped recruiting you are going to be up a creak without a paddle…. We will show you in this workshop how to identify exactly who you need to target and how to win other key clients that will protect your business and mean you are more in control.

Tom Morris

If you have a business that has yo yo billings and your team are not billing at the level you do and you are frustrated that the business isn’t growing how you want then I would recommend the Become a Great Recruitment Manager Training Programme.

You will have the business you want if you do what Nicky says. If you take on board what is right for you and your business, you will end up with the company that you want provided you go with an open mind.

Nicky is a genuine person and talks plain language which I like. She doesn’t tell you how to spend your money or what to do, but makes you consider the choices that you make and whether they are right for your business. At times Nicky was quite frank and sometimes disagreed and I appreciated her directness and being challenged. When you own your own business you aren’t used to people standing up to you.

Thе words ‘debt’ and ‘gratitude’ come to mind when I think about what Nicky has done for me and the TDM Group. She is one of the 5 most influential people in my life. Without a shadow of a doubt I would never be where we are now, I think I’d still be churning along as Tom’s merry band of men.

Tom Morris


Register for the ‘4 Magic Profit Levers’ Work Shop - Click Button Below...

Game Changers

About Your Instructor

Nicky is founder and MD of Centred Excellence. A visionary, business leader and entrepreneur, Nicky has over 18 years experience as a highly regarded mentor, consultant, strategic planner and coach to entrepreneurial individuals and groups.

Working with specialist recruitment companies in the UK, Europe and Ireland, Nicky helps Recruitment Business Owners and Senior Managers to get significant shifts in their results (50% – 250% increase with most companies within 6 – 12 months) through strategic coaching, leadership and management training and performance coaching.

Nicky is also skilled Master Practitioner in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and psychotherapist and works with clients to affect personal change that significantly increases their impact, results and motivation.

Throughout her career, as well as being an ex-international rugby player, Nicky has managed and grown large recruitment teams as well as remaining heavily involved in hands-on recruiting both contingency & executive search. Nicky has first hand experience of exactly what it’s like and how demanding it is to build and scale a recruitment business from scratch.

Mike Jones

“I'd say that Nicky is an amazing mentor. She's able to deep dive into your business in a very short period of time and able to pick out the key drivers for your business and the areas where you need to change. There might be small changes, there might be large changes, but those changes that she encourages you to implement will have a dramatic impact on where your business goes and what it does.”

Mike Jones

MD - Codex
Jamie Rogers

“Before working with Nicky, my monthly billings were averaging
around £6k-£7k per month. She really drilled down into the areas that were troubling me and fixed the issues from the foundations. In the last three months I have quadrupled my average billings at £25k a month”

Jamie Rogers

Assosicate Director– Venturi Group

“Doubled our Average Fee and Invoiced Our Highest Amount in Perms for 4 Years!”

"I’ve worked in recruitment for over 20 years and have always been successful but have never been able to get my consultants to achieve the same degree of success. The course has changed everything for me. It made me realise that the success or failure of my consultants lay at my door and has given me the tools to ensure that they are as successful as me. Since the training, my consultants are overachieving their targets, in March we invoiced £24350 in perms, which is the highest we have done in 4 years… For April we billed £24912.50 and we”ve still got the temp revenue to add to this!! We have also increased our average fee by 50%. It has been amazing!”

Cathy Bates

MD, Essential Personnel

“An Extra £320k in Sales”

"Following on from Nicky’s course, my team increased their results by 84% – and extra £320k. One of the things Nicky suggested completely transformed my pipeline of new business. This year, we have increased our sales again by 38%. The main reason for this increase in billings is going on Nicky’s course. It was great to be in an environment which encouraged the sharing of best practices, taught me how to plan strategically, how to train members of my team and how (and what) to delegate.”

Oliver Gilkes

Team Leader, PE Recruit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sort of recruitment companies will this course work for?

Every type of recruitment agency or search firm can use this course from any specialism or industry. The most important thing is that you have a current base of clients and some live jobs and candidates on your books that you’re working with (even if they aren’t your ideal customers).

Q: How long does it take to finish the course?

Each Game Changer lasts approximately 1 hour – however you’ll see the real results from the exercises after each lesson. I would allocate between 30 mins – 60 mins to complete each exercise as the implementation holds the gold… I would recommend that you pick one Game Changer to start with and implement fully before moving onto another. Most people choose the Gold Jobs Game Changer initially.

Q: Is there a guarantee?

If you don’t feel that the immediately actionable, cutting-edge information you get in this training is worth at least double the price you paid, all you need to do is let me know and I will promptly refund every bit of your investment.

This guarantee means that you’re taking on absolutely no risk when you click the button above and secure your spot right now. So you’re gaining knowledge and strategies that can help you double or triple your results quickly (and take the stress out of recruiting), but you get to rest easy knowing that your investment is secure.

Q: Will I get access to Nicky and Katy?

As part of the programme, you get access to 3 monthly virtual
Q&A calls which means that you can ask Nicky and Katy any
question you like….Also your access to the FB group means that you can ask questions at any time that normally get answered within 24-48 hours.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get This Course

100% of people that implemented what they have learnt on the programme have seen at least a 12% return on each pound they have spent with us. We also have clients that have experienced 43% return on each pound spent. (£3500 spent =£800,000 increase ROI).

Over 80% people that have attended our programmes in the last 3 years have either doubled their turnover or added an extra £150k+ net profit to their bottom line.

100% of people that implement what they have learnt in the programme have seen an increase in results within 4 weeks or less.

98% of people said that they would recommend the programme to others.

90% of the clients on this programme have been struggling to figure out how to grow their business for at least 4 years, (some for as much as 7 years). 95% of these people either doubled or tripled their turnover within 12 – 18 months…

Join Game Changers Today!

Game Changers

Your Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t feel that the immediately actionable, cutting-edge information you get in this training is worth at least double the price of admission, all you need to do is let me know and I will promptly refund every bit of your investment.

This guarantee means that you’re taking on absolutely no risk when you click the button above and secure your spot right now. So you’re gaining knowledge and strategies that can help you double or triple your results quickly (and take the stress out of recruiting), but you get to rest easy knowing that your investment is secure.

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