Katy and I are on a real mission this year to enable recruitment business owners everywhere to lead a better life.

We eluded to it in our previous post about five steps to the perfect day that you can read here.

No recruitment owner I have ever met could be described as lazy. More likely a workaholic that keeps going 24 /7.

So, in this post I want to share a few things to give up that will help accelerate your growth.


1. Keep Doing The Same Thing and Expecting To Get A Different Result

This is an easy one, though you would be surprised how many people still don’t get it.

It’s like deciding you want to lose weight and not changing the food you eat and your exercise regime, then getting p**!!”” off at the scales because nothing has changed!

…. And working harder for longer doing something that isn’t working isn’t the answer either….

You need to pause, and press reset with a different approach. Trouble is many people are so invested in their story and how much time they have invested in something they stay stuck…

HELLO! It’s NOT WORKING!.. and it never will.

So, commit to reflecting and analysing what is working and what isn’t and start the change process.


2. Hoping Your Team Will Get Better

Hope as far as I remember isn’t the best strategy to use if you want a shift, especially when it comes to improved performance from your team.

So, stop hoping and take action.

Three great questions to ask:

  • What has happened?
  • What is missing?
  • What’s next?

It’s likely your team are not being managed well or need their skills improving. It could be they are working the wrong jobs or that you don’t have a marketing system in place.

Use these questions and analyse what is happening and then act. Whether that is improving your coaching skills or their ability to prioritise the roles they work.


3. Saying Yes To Everything

I was listening to a recording from a mentor of mine the other day and they shared that it’s a good idea to say no more often.

So many things distract us.

The wrong roles.

The wrong job board…. And the list goes on.

So, say no.


4. Doing Everything Yourself

Just because you can do everything… because you always have doesn’t mean you should continue to do so.

Where are you in flow? Where is your zone of genius?

Does this one ring any bells……?

There is even one client of ours that after all the consultants had left on Friday night used to put on her rubber gloves and clean the office too! #youknowwhoyouare

What can you outsource to someone who is more skilled or capable or their cost per hour is less than yours?

It’s something we get our clients to do all the time.

Let’s say you want to earn a salary of £100k? It is going to cost you a lot less to outsource certain function of your business than that.

Let go and watch your revenue flow…


5. Your Need To Be Right…. #Youdontknoweverything

Katy and I are lucky.

We speak to lots of people who want to work with us.

We don’t say yes to everyone though.

When we hear the word…. “yes, but!”, it’s a real red flag that someone is closed to new ideas and ways of working.

Ironic when they are asking for a call with us because ‘it’s not working’ there is an answer which we have already shared in point one.

So, what will you give up or say no to this year?

The thing is saying no to certain areas of your life or certain behaviours opens a space for the new to enter.

Are you ready?


Warm regards,

Katy and Nicky

P.S.Would you like help to give up, let go and embrace the new? Then we do need to talk. Apply for a call with one of us here.