As part of the programmes we run here at Centredexcellence we have a number of private forums where our clients can ask for advice and help on growing their recruitment organisations.

Guess what one of the most common question is? Managing ‘difficult’ recruiters.



“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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Now each individual business owner has their own challenges however there are some classic scenarios that consistently raise their heads.

In theory they ‘should’ be easy to handle yet when you are in the heat of the situation it doesn’t always feel that way does it?

Your consultants need to deliver on two things;

  • The results you set
  • The behaviours that deliver them

Both are EQUALLY important.

Historically maverick big billers have been untouchable. If they were delivering placements they would be left alone and their behaviour went unchallenged.

That was then and this is now.

Leading and managing teams has changed over the years.




With the vast majority of consultants being ‘gen y’ favouritism and individuals being treated differently won’t cut it.

Billing managers that have the whole thing handled measure two key areas.

Both behaviour and results because they both matter.

All your recruiters need to deliver on both parameters by consistently delivering placements and demonstrating the right behaviours as they go about their daily work with their candidates, clients and importantly you and their fellow team mates.


Where Should I Focus?

A question for you; are results or behaviours the issue?

I read an article recently where the author referred to the nightmare recruiter who has terrible behaviours combined with zero results. His view was remove ASAP.

The truth is he had a point.

If their behaviour has never been what you would have expected it’s unlikely to change with advice guidance and coaching. Note to self to look at your recruitment process.

  • Did you miss some obvious sign at interview?
  • Did you use a profiling tool and ignore what it told you?
  • Did you hire on skill or attitude?

Whenever I ask clients who are having people challenges these questions the issue will often be revealed.

The criteria they originally decided was important somehow got lost resulting in the individual now sitting in front of them and causing a major headache.

Solution: Be totally clear on what you want and have a tight time line and then measure what is happening. If he or she isn’t demonstrating what you want to see saying goodbye is your best option.





“Your team does a lot of work – but they could do better. “ 

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The Puppy Recruiter

Paint a picture? I am sure it does. These guys and girls are not delivering on what needs to be done. Lovely individuals who you need to get performing.

So help them, give them your time and experience so they are supported to be successful. Similar to before you need to monitor this closely as they can’t stay here forever either.


The I’m Above Reproach Recruiter

This is the tough one and I understand why. Recruitment like a few other industries is subject to swings of highs and lows the classic Yo Yo billings.

So thank god for Jane; well maybe.

She always delivers on billings.

Admittedly she is a Prima Dona, gossip and strangely no resourcer lasts long with her. In fact one of your team mentioned that she was awful to the last trainee that left.

Ringing any bells for you? I suspect for some yes.

You can ignore it and hope that the others in the team can cope. FACT: They won’t, not for long.




Jane is making a choice not to participate. If that is OK with you and it fits your culture that is fine though I suspect it doesn’t.

In honesty who likes managing a team when you can cut the atmosphere with a knife, everyone on tenterhooks wondering what ‘mood’ Jane will be in today.

Though Jane’s billings might be holding up what about, Tom, Andrea’s, Hannah’s, Mel’s and Sarah’s?
Do you think their motivation and enjoyment might improve and consequently their productivity and results if they didn’t have to be confronted each day by Jane and her attitude and behaviour?

The truth is many billing managers don’t appreciate how this scenario can affect the whole team.

The action step here is just that. Take action. Jane has a choice.

She changes, with your help and support, or she moves out.

Harsh I know and if you want to build a high performing team it’s your only course of action.

High performing consultants are the lifeblood of any successful recruitment organisation. The challenge starts when your recruiters underperform. There is a solution and I cover it in-depth in my latest ebook; How to Convert Your under Performers to Consistent Billers in 14 Days or less. You can download it here.






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