There are multiple ways to grow your recruitment business in the ever changing market we seem to be in.

Of course you have to be in the ‘right’ market niche and be a specialist; it’s where the profit really is.
Then charge what your service is worth and you are gold.

….. well almost.

What we experience daily is that there is an important cog in the wheel that makes all the difference to the results you achieve when it comes to business growth and that is a high performing biller; in fact having a number of them!

It’s a well-known fact that high performing sales people help organisations grow. Wouldn’t it be great if every consultant you recruit was a star biller? Unfortunately that isn’t always the case; is it?

Now here is something to consider.


The 80/20 phenomenon you can’t get away from

I have mentioned the 80/20 rule before. It’s also known as the Pareto principle (or the law of the vital few) it states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Therefore I would respectfully suggest that working closely with your team needs to form part of your 20% of causes/activities. Would you agree?



It makes sense when you realise how  your team are pivotal to your profit.

One of the most popular programmes we run is the billing manager 6-month training course.
Here we teach billing managers how to work with their team to maximise the return for all concerned.

One challenge many managers have is how to handle the under performers in a team. Especially how to spot them and then how to turn it around.


The truth

Underperformance raises its ugly head in many ways. Sometimes it’s some of your favourite team members who just can’t seem to deliver.

Over the years I have spotted 3 under performance challenges. I will cover each in turn AND how you can handle it.


Mr or Miss Going To Do

This group can be frustrating, they are often referred to as the ‘talkers’. They always speak up in meetings and say how they will ‘get on it’ however their motivation then disappears.



In this situation, it  is important to find out what is going on and to support them to realign what they want with the actions they are taking.

Ensure they know the consequences of not sorting this out for themselves or the business. Build in detailed actions and a timeline review. Regular catch-ups are important with these guys.


Dithering Denis and Denise

These guys want results. Unfortunately they often lack confidence that then sends them into the inability to make a decision and they become overwhelmed!

I have seen this many times on multiple sales floors over the years.

Good news is these guys can be helped.

You will need all your hats on for this one; coaching, training, and support.

It might take some hand holding initially and then you will start to see results. Cast your mind back to when you first started to bill and how that initial success spurred you on to really go for it.

Help them develop their own step by step plan. Then build in time to monitor and review how it’s going.



Speedy Steve and Sam Who Never Get Anywhere

Gotta love these guys and girls . At one level their heart is in the right place though unfortunately their actions aren’t ☹

Some managers call these busy fools. I prefer to say they lack direction and knowledge.

On close inspection you will find that their time is spent on the wrong things. The beauty of ensuring their activity is driven by the KPI’s you know results in placements will result in a massive change in their own personal results. These billers have the motivation they generally only need pointing in the right direct.

Ready to take action? We will be covering this in more detail at our next event. You can find out more here.


Warm regards




High performing consultants are the lifeblood of any successful recruitment organisation. The challenge starts when your recruiters underperform. There is a solution and I cover it in-depth in my latest ebook; How to Convert Your under Performers to Consistent Billers in 14 Days or less. You can download it here.