If any recruitment organisation truly wants to scale they need to attract the right talent to fuel that growth.  

With recruitment companies starting up at an unprecedented rate it will be crucial that your brand is the one that stands out in the market not that other agency down the road. 

Building a magnetic employer brand will allow you to attract the right consultants, resourcers and back office team for future growth.  

When you have a reputation that precedes talent experience, you can compete beyond things like remuneration and job titles.  

Instead, you start offering the right people “opportunities” that fit with their personal and professional goals.  


The Benefits Of An Employer Brand 



So what are the benefits of building your employer brand? 

1. Qualified Recruiters Or Trainee Talent 

The numbers around employer branding speak for themselves. A strong reputation can lead to almost 50% more applicants – something that’s particularly critical in our competitive sector. 

Logically with the right brand, you waste less time sifting through unqualified candidates and spend more time interviewing potential new recruiting stars.

2. Attract and Retain the Right Talent 

Around 78% of people consider a company’s reputation before deciding whether to take a role; crikey! 

Having an employer brand that recruits can find when researching online allows them to determine whether they’d be a good fit for your business. This means that you not only captivate people who are well-suited for your culture, but you’re more likely to give them a satisfying work experience too.  

The thing is, when recruiters are passionate about their role from day one and like the team members they work with, they’re more committed and less likely to search for opportunities elsewhere. The benefits of minimal turnover mean that you spend less on recruiting, training, and advertising for new staff.  


What Are The Critical Things Employees Want? 

The Harvard Business Review suggests that employer branding is becoming more critical as CEOs and market leaders plan to boost their reputation by 2020. The question is, what characteristics do you need to show to attract the best talent? 

The Randstad global workforce report for 2017 found that these features are currently the most compelling to world-wide employees: 

  • Salary and benefits (58%) 
  • Security (46%) 
  • Work/Life balance (43%) 
  • Opportunities for progression (35%) 
  • Financial health of the business (33%) 
  • Flexible working schedules (31%) 
  • Training opportunities (28%) 
  • Convenient location (27%) 
  • Strong leadership (26%) 

According to the Randstad report, the changing allure of different sectors is directly related to employer branding. Industries that offer more forward-thinking workplace benefits like unlimited holidays, remote working, and pleasant office environments are the ones that attract the best talent; all things as a recruitment company you can deploy. 


Current Trends In Employer Branding 

The world of recruiting recruiters is changing alongside the impact of employer branding, and culture fit; here are a few things to now consider. 


Your New Recruiter? Think Of Them As A Customer 

Many businesses believe that attracting the right people today is about creating a positive “customer” experience. If a potential new hire moves through a recruiting process that makes them feel valued, then they’re more likely to accept an offer, and even recommend your recruiting company brand to a friend.  

From a friendly advert to a logical process that makes them feel important and valued can make a huge difference to the process. 


Talent Management and Mapping 

We have shared before the many benefits of a new recruiting model and that the 360 model is outdated; not everyone is a BD ninja. 

Sometimes, the people who apply for specific roles in your company are unsuccessful, but they may be suitable for different positions, which is why it’s so key to maintain and build a potential talent community. 

Jane may not be great at bringing in clients though she has the profile of a great resourcer.  

Creating a good impression from the first step of the recruitment process and maintaining a healthy relationship even after the job is offered elsewhere can boost your employer brand and make it easier for those candidates who weren’t quite right yet to spread the word to friends and family 


What Next? 

Employer branding isn’t going away. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly relevant in a short skill market and where unemployment is at an all-time low.  

You already know this is the case because the candidates you place always ask, ‘what is ABC Engineering Like?’.  

Don’t think that potential recruits that apply to your advert aren’t going through the same process as well. 


Warm regards  

Nicky and Katy 


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