Employee engagement hasn’t always been at the top of the agenda for many recruitment companies over the years. 

However, the times they are a changing as the case for building engaged teams gets stronger. Did you know engaged teams correlate strongly with high performance, low turnover, creativity, and increased profit 

However, despite the important benefits of having engaged recruiters that are upbeat and delivering, many recruitment companies struggle to create the conditions to develop an engaged billing team that they want. 

So here is a plan to develop the engaged recruitment team you have always wanted.  


1. Temperature Check: How Good Is Your Current Engagement Level? 



As a rule, there are three engagement levels Katy, and I see in recruitment companies and their teams. 

Totally Checked Out: Rare in recruitment circles as negative recruiters who are a pain to manage and do nothing but complain tend not to hang around. Though before they go, they can cause havoc with their toxic behaviour and back stabbing. 

Steady Albert and Anna: Not ‘go for it’ types; unless it’s just before or after a review. Unfortunately, this is the biggest group when it comes to recruitment organisations.  

Albert and Ana are often you classic coasting consultant. You can read a post about how to manage them here.  They don’t hate being a recruiter, but they aren’t exactly bounding with enthusiasm. Going the extra mile isn’t something you would say to describe them. 

The Sponge: Got to love these girls and guys.  They have the JFDI attitude always willing to do what it takes and stay late. Super keen to do well. A joy to work with and the list goes on ? 


2. How To Mange and Engage These 3 Groups 

Totally Checked Out Billers: are probably beyond your ability to ‘save.’ You should, of course, give it your best shot; certainly, making your expectations for improvement clear, but improvement is unlikely to happen. 

Clear expectations and performance management is key. The thing is this individual is probably in the wrong job, and that is fuelling their behaviour. For all parties it’s best if they pursue their life goals somewhere else. 

Steady Albert and Anna:  These billers are an opportunity; not totally disengaged and certainly ripe for motivating and coaching. It’s interesting the success stories that our billing manager delegates share on how they have turned around this group.  

The Sponge: Your super sponges don’t need lots of engagement activities. However, remember that they need your time and attention too and you might find that working closely with these guys and girls enables them to be even more engaged.


3. Your Recruitment Managers Are Vital 


I am sure you will have seen the stats that the main reason employees get disgruntled are disengaged and leave organisations is because of the relationship with their first line manager; in the case of recruitment and staffing organisations this is usually the billing manager. 

So use this to your advantage. Hire or promote great billing managers and pour training into the ones you have. 


4. Have A Vision And Goal 

Your recruiters need to know your story, what the company goal is and importantly what is their role as an individual contributor. 

When people understand how their role matters in the wider company story and manage to identify in some way with the company’s message and values, they feel a sense of belonging and even ownership that generates high levels of engagement. 


5. Say Thank You And Keep At It 


Though hitting billing targets is considered a great motivator. A bit of human kindness and respect won’t go amiss. It’s a pity that this doesn’t always happen as it could. 

Creating an engaged workforce takes work. Many companies have all the right intentions and begin their engagement revolution with a bang, only for it to peter out or be put on the back burner when the last client asks for ten vacancies to be filled immediately.

A key person in the business should oversee monitoring engagement levels by carrying out ongoing surveys and chatting with consultants and when it happens conducting exit interviews about why a recruiter has decided to leave (uncomfortable conversation and yet it can produce gold!). 


What Next? 

Engagement is often the secret sauce when it comes to scaling; is it time you took action? If you would like help in accelerating the growth of your recruitment organisation email us here.