Last week I was talking to a couple of members on our RockIT programme. They have been knocking it out of the park all year, and yet for some reason, their ‘mojo’ was starting to fall. 

It’s a universal challenge; especially in high achievers who keep pushing themselves. This might even be you? 

It’s far too easy to look at the gap between where you are now and your ultimate goal rather than look at all the gains you have already made, isn’t it? 

So here are a few ideas on how to get your mojo back on track.

Why Your Mojo Level Is Critical To Success 

Keeping your mojo topped up is critical to your success. Why is that?  

Well, it’s your essence, your motivation, your purpose, basically what drives you, and it’s crucial if you want to take your business to the next level, or you want to smash through to somewhere where you haven’t been before, that your mojo is pumping! 

Because that is the thing that’s going to push you through when and if you hit obstacles and times get toughwhich we know is going to happen at some point if you are stepping outside your comfort zone to grow your business. 

Here are the sorts of things that can happen to any of us. 

That PSL didn’t come through, your new retained service is taking longer to get up to speed, your best biller has just resigned, or a family illness means you are away from the business more than you wanted to be. 

This is why having your mojo topped up and fully aligned with your ‘why’ is critical. It will help you to work through any challenges that you hit along the way. 


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How To Top Up Your Mojo 

So today I want to give you a speedy process if you are potentially waning, your mojo’s maybe not as you’d like it or you’ve lost it completely, or you want to get even more clarity on what it is that drives you, that motivates you.  

I call this the ‘magic wand’ question, and it goes like this. 

Imagine you’ve got a magic wand on your business, on your life, and in all things included in your world: Your relationships, what’s happening at home, hobbies, things that make your heart sing.  

You go to sleep, and overnight a miracle happens. And in the morning you wake up, and everything has changed precisely as you want it. 

What’s changed?  

As you walk into this new reality, what do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel that is exactly what you want? 

I recommend that you journal this, you write down exactly what you want your life to be likeSo once you’ve done that, and that might take five minutes, could take 10 minutes, you might want to take further time out.


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What Is Serving You and What Isn’t 

Then what I’d like you to do is to sit down and think about everything in your life that’s not serving you. So the stuff that’s frustrating you, that you want to stop doing, that you’re not going to put up with anymore.  

The ‘things’, events, people, and places which are eating away at your mojo. I want you to make a list of everything that’s impacting how you feel. 

Once you’ve done that brain dump, you need to ask yourself the question: What would I like to happen instead?  

Go right to the top of your list and ask, what do I want to happen instead? And write that down and go through that entire list until you’ve got through the list and once you’ve done that, again, go to the top of the list and say, right, so this is what I want to happen instead.  

What’s my first step? Or what are some of my first steps?  

This process will give you a clear process of what is next. Knowing what you don’t want and knowing what you DO want will provide you with clarity. 

One of the significant shifts our clients get is finally nailing what they genuinely want. Carry out this process helps enormously because once you know what you want, you can put a plan in place to make it happen… then watch your mojo rise! 


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