A well known leadership ‘saying’ goes along the lines that, people grow organisations not the product or service they sell. 

I think we are all agreed on that, especially in the world of staffing and recruitment. For many of the recruitment business leaders, we speak to, a goal they have is to develop a self-managed organisation. 

This means they can step away from being the star biller and into the strategic role of the organisational leader who can focus on the bigger goal of scaling their company to new heights. 

To create this ideal scenario, you will need to identify a number of  great billing managers in your organisation; sounds easy and pretty straightforward doesn’t it ? Well not quite. The truth is not everyone is cut out to be a successful billing manager. 

Before you start banking on Jane or James being the solution to all your problems it is importnat to look out for a number of key signs that you have identified the right recruiter to step up in your team and claim that billing manager role you want to fill. 

Having coached hundreds of new billing managers in our courses over the last 8 years, these are the traits  I have identified that can either make or break the deal. 


1. They Want The Role And Opportunity 



Might sound crazy and do they actually want the position? Being a billing manager, especially in the first few months; isn’t easy. Not only do they have to keep up their own billings, but suddenly they also need to be a team player and motivate and coach others to do the same! 

You might have forgotten what a shock that was to your system all those years ago. 

If you have cajoled and stroked egos to get them to take your up your offer, it could all end in tears. To succeed in this role they have to have their own inbuilt motivation and drive to perform as a manager. 


2. They Understand How A Business Works! #Teamwork #Profit #Cashflow 

Recruiting is a business and its based on the profit and loss of the organisation as a whole. If the consultant you are considering is a star biller that is great. However, suddenly it isn’t only about hitting their numbers; it’s how do they create an environment where the whole  team hit their target too. 

A question; have you noticed any these traits at all in their current behaviour? For instance when you have team sales or BD days what is their response ?  


3. Coachable, Flexible And Open To Learning



Let’s be frank none of us were born managers or leaders no matter what the latest magazine suggest’s. We might have some innate skills. However, becoming a great manager and leader is a huge learning curve that involves receiving coaching and feedback to develop, improve and master the role. 

If James is a bit of a prima donner biller who always does it his own way, move on; our experience is it rarely works out well. 


4. They Follow Process

Organisations scale through implementing a system thinking, based approach.  If Jane is a detail woman that is always measuring herself against her targets and never complains or moans about KPI’s but instead is constantly looking for ways to smash her goals instead you might just be onto a winner. 


5. OrganisedEarlyand Maybe a Bit Like You….? 

Though I am not advocating creating a team of lookalike robots, certain character traits indicate how people perform. 

It’s recognised that successful people tend to get up early and take care of themselves. They focus on their well-being to ensure this helps them perform at peak. 

They are usually the first in the office or arrive before or just after you. It might be spooky for you, and you will notice there are a few similarities between you both?  

Take that as a good sign; ready to have that conversation? 


6.…… And Don’t Forget This Important Point 



Before you breath a sigh of relief in finding a new manager consider this; Are they a seller or a manager? 

The biggest mistake I see is people promoting their top billers because the only way to get a promotion is through becoming a manager; quite frankly it’s the worst thing to do.   

Instead have two promotion routes; one for managers and one for billers that want to remain billers. 

This KEY strategy then puts the same importance within the business on both roles.   

You need big billers AND managers; don’t promote people who are far better as big billers into management positions because that’s the only option you have in your business.   


Why? The Truth 

Big billers tend to be loan rangers – self focused, not team focused.  

They enjoy the fruits of their labour (£££££) as well as having a lot of variety and newness. 

Management on the other hand involves consistency, review, monitoring, and following process. These are all critical parts of the role. 

Remember it’s important that any consultant you are considering promoting enjoys these aspects too. 

If they don’t you will have one disgruntled employee and likely a big hole in your billing pipeline. 



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 Warm regards 

Nicky and Katy