When delivering recruitment manager training, I often ask my clients, ‘Do you know what your intentions for the year are?” they usually say, ‘Yes!’

Then I say, ‘Show me your list.’ ‘Oh, they’re in my head,’ they answer. And that’s exactly where they will stay until you write them down!

If you don’t write your intentions down they will never have substance to them.

The first step to making it happen is to write it down, so that you get really clear about what it is, how it feels to have it, what it looks like.


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I wish I had known this bit of advice years ago as it’s worth a fortune and so that’s why we’re telling you this now! 


So How Do You Write Down Intentions Effectively?


 1. A Goal is Accountable When It’s Countable

First off, your goals should be both specific and measureable. If you say, ‘I want to make more money and work smarter,’ how do you measure that? How will you know when ‘more’ is achieved? What does that mean – an extra pound or one hour less?

But if you write down something like, ‘I will raise my average placement fee to £8k and make 3 placements each month,’ that’s specific and measureable isn’t it?

2. No Time Like the Present . . .Tense

There’s an even better way to record your specific, measurable goal, put it in the present tense.

Write this: ‘I am so happy adding real value to my clients and candidates, placing at least three people each month, always over target, opening a great commission check each month.’ Doesn’t that feel different? Can you imagine yourself there doing that?

Each time you read or say these words, you’ll find yourself imagining all the many things you’ll do as you achieve this.

3. Say it the way you want it

The way you state a goal does make a difference. Researchers in the mid to late 70’s discovered that a goal which is positively stated is more likely to be accomplished than one that is negatively stated.

Don’t think of a pink elephant – What happens – you have to think of it to not think of it!! Your unconscious mind cannot process a negative and what you focus on you get!

‘I want to lose ten pounds’ tells your unconscious mind that you need to lose it so you’ll end up continuously needing to lose it. Instead write ‘I am so happy that I’m healthy and energised, weighing 9 stone and wearing size 8 jeans.’ Do you notice and feel the difference?


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How Fit Your Recruitment Business Is For Growth… 


4. Aim High . . . But Be Real

Aim high enough to inspire yourself to grow, but pick something that is believable. A stretch, but believable nonetheless. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure.

Quite often people set a huge intention and when it doesn’t happen overnight the say, ‘This doesn’t work’. Again, we overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in a decade.

5. See It, Feel It, Do It

Every morning, when you get up, when your unconscious mind is most receptive, picture your intention before you even get out of bed. If you can see it and feel it, so can you unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind runs the body; therefore you will get up and take action on it.

So there you are – 5 techniques you can implement immediately that will help you make 2012 your most successful year yet.

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