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Episode 02

Darren Winfield has been in the recruitment business for over 25 years and has had his fair share of ups and downs. As the CEO of Highbridge Talent and Evolution Recruit, he now looks back and realizes that he would never get to this stage of growth if he didn’t take the risk of making key changes to his processes.

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Episode 20

In this episode, we'll reveal a game-changing strategy that can transform your business development process and skyrocket your sales. Join Katy and Jane as they discuss the untapped power of candidate testimonials.

Episode 19

In just two years, Dennis and his business partner, Daniel, accomplished the extraordinary – they skyrocketed their turnover from £240k to a staggering £2.5M, with £1M in pure profit. And the best part? They did it all without burning out or sacrificing their personal lives.

Episode 18

Tamlyn was running her recruitment business in South Africa when she realised she wan’t in a great space. As a mum of three, she was having a hard time juggling work and family time that she constantly felt there weren’t enough hours in a day. She was also very hands on in her business, spending even the holidays working.

Episode 17

Jason had been running his recruitment business for a decade when he realized that he needed fresh ideas to make their growth more consistent. While Henderson Brown was enjoying a steady stream of clients across different industries, he realized that staff retention was a challenge, and their numbers kept fluctuating.

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