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Episode 10: The 4 Hacks You Must Implement To Smash Your Goals In 2020

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According to research a staggering 92% of people didn’t achieve the goals they set for themselves this year…

I’ve done it many times, and if you're like me -- a focused, driven, competitive recruitment business owner, failing to meet goals can set you back and leave you discouraged and frustrated.

Here's the thing: If you want to break the cycle, do what the other 8 percent of goal-setters -- the successful ones -- do consistently and exceptionally well… then join Katy and Nicky on this podcast where we will share with you:
“The 4 Hacks You Must Implement To Know With Confidence You’ll Smash Your Goals In 2020.”

So if you:

1) Didn’t achieve the goal you set yourself 12 months ago and want 2020 to be the best year yet…
2) Had a good year, but know you could have done so much better…

Then you’ll love this episode. You'll learn:

  • The BIG reason why 92% of Recruitment Business Owners don’t achieve their goals (and specifically what to do about it!!)
  • The 4 Step Action Plan to GUARANTEE you hit your goals in 2020
  • The QUICKEST way to generate new revenue for 2020…
  • The critical MINDSET shift you must make to experience BIG results in YOUR business

Watch it here and get ready for your best year yet!

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