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Episode 2: Do You Want to Guarantee You Smash Your Targets In the Next 90 Days?

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Are you a WAY BEHIND target and worried you’re running out of time to sort it out?

Have you had an OK year, but want to guarantee you FINISH ON A HIGH with your best quarter ever?

Either way, there’s certain things you need to TAKE ACTION on RIGHT NOW to make up any deficit for your best quarter ever.

In this Episode of the Recruitment Business Accelerator, we share with you our TOP 5 Hacks to Guarantee You Smash Your Targets in the Next 90 Days, and let you know the mistakes you’re probably making that are KILLING your consistent results.


  • The #1 mistake that recruitment business owners make when it comes achieving something extra-ordinary so that you can make sure you stop doing this!
  • The golden success drivers that you must focus on relentlessly if you are to have ANY chance of hitting your target in the next 90 days.
  • What to do to get the most reliable results EVERY time (plus how to replicate these results over and over)
  • How you can get 250% increase in results without having to work any harder.
  • The ‘secret weapon’ to implement that increases billings, motivation and focus with your team so that they work together like a well-oiled machine and smash their target.

    We are obsessed with achieving extra-ordinary results, team collaboration and peak performance at Centred Excellence and you’re about to discover the secret success formula that helps our clients routinely increase results between 20% - 250% in 90 days or less whilst working less.

Now it’s your turn.

You’re going to love this episode!

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