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Episode 14: 4 Hacks to Organically Grow New Customers Without Advertising

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What if I tell you that we have what it takes to choose our own circle? That our dream clients, the people we want to work with and would want to work with us are a choice of our own making? What if every person we converse with, leads us closer to the realization of our dreams. Will there be hesitations to reach out then? 

Nicky and Katy will surprise us with 4 simple hacks that can change the way we do business with people. They will lead us to discover how to let go of people who are no longer good for us, keep the ones who still matter and learn to cherish them better. The most interesting part is their revelation on how, even in this time of pandemic, we can acquire new clients who are the right fit for us and will bring success to a higher level. 

These two successful CEOs will help us realize how connection and communication are essential factors that can make or break a business. They will teach us how to establish an engaging conversation that can win the favor of the right clients and how to stop wasting time on the wrong market. More importantly, they will push us to remember how consistency is the key to generating the result that is favourable to the success of our efforts.

Great communication begins with connection. Oprah couldn’t have said that any better. This is the time when the world needs us to break our walls and cross the bridges that divide us. Every second we spend contemplating whether to reach out or not is a second of lost opportunity and a second shy from our greatest breakthrough. Listen and discover where to find the right bridges to cross and connect with the right people simply by showcasing our best efforts and what we have to offer.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • What is the most reliable way?
  • The search for the perfect group where people interact.
  • How do you position yourself as an expert?
  • How do you engage your commentators into a conversation?
  • Following up on comments while keeping it casual.
  • Why is speed important?
  • What does it take to have the right offer for the right person at the right time?
  • The importance of meeting the right person.
  • How is kissing a lot frogs a total waste of time?
  • Why is reaching out to cold contacts not the right move for you?
  • The kind of conversations you need to have.
  • The relevance of taking consistent actions amidst the discomfort.


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