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Episode 15: How to Make Sure Your Team Hit Their Targets Quickly In This New World

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Following the government guidelines this week, people are being called back to work. But how do you make sure your team hit the ground running and make placements quickly? That your team members are accountable without micromanaging them 24/7? That they hit their targets in this new world? How can they achieve this whilst managing them virtually? 

There are some key things you need in place to achieve top performance from your team quickly, and Katy and I will be sharing the exact steps tonight so you get your team rockin’ and rolling. We’ll be talking about the 4 machines that need to be operational to get your business running and who are in charge of operating these machines. You’ll discover what specific machine you should be operating and put more focus on.

You’ll find out what is the most valuable thing you should be doing at the moment and how to put your time into better use for your business. We’ll help you understand why getting your people back can be more beneficial for your business instead of prioritizing new recruits, even those team members who were hurting you in the past. Finally, you’ll have an insight into the important character traits that need to be present in the team members you’re trying to put back and learn how to position them properly where they will perform best.

People make or break the business. It is highly critical that the people in place embody the foundational values the business is built with. They need to showcase the same level of effort and passion you are putting in just to keep everything together and have the business running and growing. How you will train them to embrace their roles and perform at their best capacity lies in your ability to lead and establish a system that is solid enough to be their standing ground.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • When is the right time to start bringing your team back?
  • What are the 4 machines you need in your business to secure the operation?
  • Mistakes the recruiters and some hospitality are making in the present.
  • Where does the problem lie in terms of utilizing machine 1 and machine 2?
  • How to kickstart the business development machine.
  • What’s the system you need to put in place to bring your team back in?
  • Why is it important to put back a team member who is hurting you?
  • The value of time versus money.
  • What is the most valuable thing you must be doing?
  • Why creating your network and social media is not a smart thing to waste your time at the moment.
  • Why you should not wait till October to bring back your team.
  • The kind of team you need to have around you to help you keep on running.
  • 4 ways we could be generating jobs in this market.
  • How do you know if you are having enough conversations and why is that important?
  • The character traits of the people you should be bringing back in.
  • Why having the right team is crucial and how to make sure they are placed in the right positions?
  • Why this is not the time to train and motivate people and what you should have in place for your team instead.
  • What kind of system should we be embedding in the business?
  • How can you leverage on the system to bring people in?
  • The importance of putting a solid process or system in place for your people.
  • Why is this the best time to be restructuring your businesses?


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