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Episode 13: The Formula for Success: Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

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What spells the difference between winning and losing? That is an imperative question that will find its corresponding answer from this episode. It is entirely dependent on the choices we make today, considering the current situation. Are we going to stay in the rut, wait till the worst is over, and struggle to survive until everything is back to normal - not that there’s even a guarantee to that. Or, are we going to create a path that will carve a mark and thrive our way to success? 

Katy and Nicky are geared up with effective and extremely powerful game plans that have been tried and tested by past recessions and are sure to work. They had these encapsulated in a single formula and we’ll find out how this will work for us as we go along. They’ll be sharing the right methods on how to turn adversities into opportunities and how we can save our businesses and grow them even bigger despite the current conditions.

Nicky and Katy will tackle a few scenarios when it’s appropriate to keep the current products we are offering and when it’s best to generate new products. They will push us to look within, identify our strengths and build on our skillset so we can level up. They’ll teach us how to tap the right people and how to connect and establish the right relationships that will play a vital role in keeping our business on top of the game. Finally, they will lead us to discover how we can turn our offerings into a solid solution that addresses the exact problems we uncovered from people we were able to reach. 

This could be the best year for us if we have the heart and the will to make it so.  Learn and master the formula that will teach us how to spot an opportunity when it comes, hold on to it, and utilize it to reveal our highest potentials. Bad days are inevitable. Bad things happen and they happen to all of us. But we are gifted with a mind that can decide the course of our fate and have what it takes to turn these days into something grander and come out a winner. The opportunity to succeed is laid out on the table. Are we ready to partake?


What you will learn from this episode:

  • The formula to thrive in any market
  • Identify what is stopping you from winning in your business. 
  • Why you could be losing the opportunity to leverage the current situation.
  • Stop being at the mercy of something external to you. 
  • Identify the right people who will benefit from what you are offering.
  • Focus on people who can trust you.
  • What is the best way to offer your products or service to the right people?
  • Act as a consultant and ask the right questions.
  • Establish a new offering on a new landscape.
  • Figure out the skills and talents you can monetize
  • Why talking to the wrong people is a waste of your time?
  • What will take you to new territories and new opportunities?
  • Start making a difference by changing your mindset.

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