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Episode 5: The Real Reason Why You’re Not Getting The Fees You Deserve And What To Do About It!

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Are you a recruitment business owner who is:

  • Frustrated with the levels of fees your clients are paying you?
  • Knows you’re under charging but worried if you say “no” you won’t make ends meet each month?
  • Do you go above and beyond for your clients and yet they don’t recognise, or may be even value, the hard work and time investment you dedicate to them?
  • Are you are offering a premium service yet charging only 10-15% for it?

If you have answered “yes” to one or more of the above, then join me tomorrow for our live podcast episode where I will be lifting the lid on...

‘The Real Reason Why You’re Not Getting The Fees You Deserve And What To Do About It!’


  • The untold SECRET to unlocking the fees you want and how, unknowingly, you and your team could be sabotaging your ability to ask for the fees you deserve
  • What your Clients are looking for in a recruitment partner and how you can become a PERFECT match for each other
  • The PROCESS that makes you stand out in a crowded market as the premier recruitment partner to work with and has Clients lining up, hungry to work with you.
  • A simple 1 STEP action to increasing your fees overnight!

You cannot afford to miss this episode!

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