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Episode 3: The Secret Mindset of Millionaire Recruitment Business Owners

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Are you a recruitment business owner feeling like you’re:

Stagnating and want to kickstart your growth to the next level but just don`t know how...

Frustrated and worried that your team STILL aren’t billing anywhere near your level… and you've run out of ideas on how to get them performing...

Experiencing 'Feast and famine’ months are killing your cashflow and you need to start generating consistent placements to smooth out your income.

Want to snap your business out of ‘survival mode’ and set it up to THRIVE in any economy no matter what’s thrown at you? Then you will love what Katy and I share in this Episode:

"The Secret Mindset of Millionaire Recruitment Business Owners"


  • The greatest challenge you’ll come up in your business as you begin to scale and how to overcome it before it overcomes you!
  • The 3 mistakes that recruitment business owners make that holds them back from achieving what they TRULY want from their businesses and lives (and how you can avoid them)
  • How to develop the mindset of a peak performance using a 4 step formula… so that you lift the performance of your entire team and become an inspiring and powerful leader for change.
  • How to destroy ‘feast & famine’ months for good…

We hope you find this episode really helpful!

Keep Rocking!
Nicky & Katy

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