Over the last few posts, we have been sharing some key shifts to make if you want to move your recruitment business forward over the next year. 

Today let’s talk about something that is pivotal to your success, and it’s to invest in the services of a mentor. My personal experience over the past ten years has demonstrated this to me time and time again. 

[Important: Before I explore this more I want to clarify this for you…Your mentor might not be me or Katy for that matter. Different folks for different strokes and all that! A mentoring relationship is important to develop according to your goals and your starting point too. What is critical is to have support on your journet be that 1: ! or in a group mentoring session]

In the past, I have shared the story of Sarah who helped me shift my performance and consequently that of my company from Yo-Yo billings and struggling to meet payroll to delivering a net profit of over £400k in less than a year. 

Finally hitting the target wasn’t reliant on me being the biggest biller and stepping back to ‘the tools’ every time we fell behind. We were able to scale past ten consultants, and I was finally able to grow the team and scale our revenues differently. 

When I then moved into becoming a performance coach for recruitment business owners, I worked with a different coach who has enabled me to go from helping a handful of business owners to hundreds. 

Mentoring works. 


How Mentoring Helps Move Ideas Into Results 



Let’s explore what is probably going on for you now. 

You want to transform your results, and you have been struggling to step back from billing and get your team to step up and consistently hit targets. 

You have been opening our emails and reading our posts, like this one. 

You now know what it takes to scale your business and double your results.   

In truth, if you were taking action and following the right process, you would have what you want. 

The fact is you do not have those things, and that is the reason why you are not getting the results that you want. 

A few questions for you: 

  • Do you have a step by step growth strategy?   
  • A rock-solid reporting system that you can look at from a distance and know exactly what is working and what is not in your recruitment business?   
  • Do you have a vision that you are communicating, clearly and consistently?   
  • Do you have the right recruiting model to build your team around?   
  • Do you know how to find and hire the right people every single time?   
  • Are you working in the right niche?   


The reason I am asking this is, are you able to stop reading this post and know exactly what to do to build a business that you want, or would you struggle?   

Now if you do have that, do you have somebody who can hold your hand and coach you through every step of the process, who is willing to look at your business, look at your billing and resourcing team structure and help you fix things? 

Someone who will hold you accountable to yourself, who is going to take that hands-on approach to help you win and win BIG? 

Do you have a mindset and performance coach to help you deal with stuff like the fear and the overwhelm and the panic that comes from owning a business?  

This might surprise you, but I still feel like that sometimes, and I’m sure you do too.  Do you have someone who is going to help you win even when you are feeling down?  

If you are missing any of these things, you need people to work with you who can show you how to create big wins for yourself and great outcomes for your clients and candidates and critically the team you are building. 

I am not saying it must be Katy or I, but you’d better work with somebody because the thing is, everybody who is serious about growth needs a mentor. 

Mentoring brings two pivotal things essential for growth; new ideas and accountability.   

I bet there are some new ideas in your head right now that would not be there if you hadn’t been consuming our content. 

Putting these strategies into action is where accountability comes in. 

Therefore elite athletes have a coach because a coach will push them to achieve things that they wouldn’t, they push them out of their comfort zone to achieve things they would not have done if they were on their own.   



Choosing A Good Mentor or Coach 

More information isn’t the answer when it comes to choosing a mentor or coach. 

In the recruitment sector, there are some great events, though the question is: after listening to the presentations and feeling inspired what do you then do? Because if you don’t move forward, you won’t get an R.O.I. on your time. 

The goal is in the follow-up and the implementation.  80% of your results come from implementation. 

Taking new actions consistently will give new results, and this is what the coach or mentor you choose will help you to do; they will push you outside your comfort zone so you get the results you want.

You need to have world-class coaching if you seriously want to become a world-class business.  The bottom line here is if you are serious about being best in class, building a world-class recruitment business, then you must be at the top of your game.   



To have more….YOU have to BECOME more.

Everything you are and have at this point in life is because of you….

Though there is something to consider, there is always another level of growth, and….. ” new levels bring new devils”… 🙂  So how then will you cope. I am certain you have the resilience to move through, though a mentor will help you do it more elegantly and faster.

Good luck on your journey this year!


Nicky and Katy

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