When we mention KPI’s, quite often we’ll hear groans from the audience because so many people have worked in businesses that have used KPI’s in a negative way to smack them across the head! 

I meet so many recruitment business owners who have come from micromanaged, KPI focused companies which have driven them crazy.   

Then, unfortunately, this often happens… 

So, when you set up your own recruitment business, you are so fed up of Key Performance Indicators and task objectives, that you completely ignore KPI’s.   

And probably go so far the other way that you have nothing in place to measure your success or progress – no goals, no plans, no idea what you should be doing on a day to day basis. 


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What Happens When You Don’t Set KPI’s? 

When business owners don’t use KPI’s, they get yoyo billings, frustrations, chaos, zero consistency and reduced billings.   Bottom line – billings plummet, and you don’t achieve the same results that you used to get. 

There’s a couple of reasons for this: 

  1. Because the activity isn’t being tracked, you have no idea what’s working and what’s not.  
  1. When results don’t happen, you take any action, no matter if it’s the right action or not. 
  1. You have no idea whether you are doing the right volume to achieve your results. 
  1. You focus on activities that don’t bring you the results. 


Measure and Review Yourself and Your Team’s KPI’s  

The thing to remember with your teams results is that the only thing that you can manage or control is activity.  You can’t control or manage the end result.  If you are serious about hitting your goals, you have to measure and review yourself and your team KPI’s and financial billings.   

“The thing to remember with your team’s results is that the only thing that you can manage or control is activity.    

And you must know which KPI’s need to be achieved to hit your goals too.  

Everybody will need different KPIs – when you understand what the critical activities are for each of your consultants, this can be lifechanging…   

For example, one business owner we work with doesn’t get any new business from cold calling.  He doesn’t even touch the phone to cold call.  What he has got is a process of emails – he will send one to two emails, and then he will pick up the phone for a conversation, but it is done in a process that works for him.    

There is another consultant we work with that all they do is get leads from candidates and follow through on those leads.  They are very successful at that.  That works for them – but it doesn’t work for everyone.    

The key is to find out what is working in your recruitment business and what golden KPIs you need to have. 


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How to Choose Your Golden KPI’s?  

Choose straightforward KPIs – the simpler, the better.   If you do that you will achieve a certain level of billing.   For example, look at the number of CVs sent.  If you send out CVs and your quality is right, then you will get jobs, which will then give you interviews.     

Client visits could be a separate KPI, but certainly CVs sent, jobs, interviewsthe number of candidates coming and the quality of the candidates that you are registering would be the key indicators to start with.  

KPIs give you freedom and space to run your business and essential feedback loops about your business performance.   When you understand where you’re focusing your time and where you’re getting the best results, that’s when life becomes more enjoyable and your business more profitable.       

Are you using Key Performance Indicators in your recruitment business?   


Warm regards,  

Nicky and Katy   

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