Like many business owners running growing companies,  I can occasionally fall foul of the S ….word. Yes, stress can hit any of us at any time and a great plan of action; is to have some stress busters at hand. Recommendations for these are everywhere so I thought it might be useful to share my own that have worked for me as a recruiter and are still working today.

1. Keep a check on reality

It is so easy to lose the plot; especially when it comes to what you have achieved in any given time perio. Remember that we are all only human with the same 24 hours in a day. Just recently I was listening to a recruitment manager who was ‘beating’ himself up about what he had; or in his mind had not achieved this year. His business had grown by 28% for the first time in 4 years; while at the same time he had moved house and had also become a Dad for the second time!

Quite a year in anyone’s book wouldn’t you say? So where are you losing perspective. Sit down and write out exactly what you have achieved. It will certainly give you new insight.


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2. Spend time with friends

All work and no play make Norman or Nicky a sad individual. Spend time with friends; it will lift your spirits and creates a whole new balance in your life. Hint I am taking about doing this regularly by the way.

3. Take regular holidays

Mentally and physically we are not designed to work constantly without rest. Even if it is just a long weekend or a week away. The break from routine will lower your stress level. People can cope without you there provided they get the opportunity. It is also a well-documented fact that you will come back with renewed enthusiasm and ideas for the next steps in your business.

4. Schedule 10 mins decluttering once a day

This might sound strange and I have been amazed at the power of this. As humans we are wired to enjoy structure and clarity. There is nothing better than working in a well organised and tidy space.

Be honest think about this on a personal level. If you have ever come home to be greeted by a clean and tidy house; you will know the feeling is indescribable. The same goes for your business life. That cluttered draw or filing tray is playing on your mind. Set the timer on your smart phone and spend 10 minutes sorting it out.  Then stop. If you are feeling inspired do this a couple of times a day. The whole experience puts you back in control because it is simple to do and can create spectacular results in just a few short days.

5. Batch it

There is nothing worse for creating stress than ‘trying’ to do three or four things at once. Better to batch things so that key similar tasks happen at the same time. For instance if you have a number of calls to make set aside a specific time; whatever that might be. If you are a recruitment manager reviewing performance; do it as a whole and look at all the team. Your brain is in flow on a specific task and like anything ‘warm up’ periods are important if you want to accelerate your results.

6. Get enough sleep

A constant battle for many of us I am sure. Yet sleep can be restorative in short bursts. I am sure we have all had that experience where a powernap has been just what we needed. I discovered an amazing piece of software called Pzizz. This great little piece of software helps you sleep fast. Go and check it out, you will thank me for it.


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