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How To Stop Your Recruiters Asking Questions All The Time – Recruitment Manager Training Tips

Hi I’m Nicky Coffin and Welcome back to another episode of Recruitment Manager Training Tips where I share ideas and strategies for recruitment managers that work.

Today I want to show you a couple of ways to stop your recruiters asking you questions every 2 seconds.

One of the most asked frequently asked questions from recruitment managers is “How can I reduce the frequency and number of questions my consultants ask me AND still remain approachable and give them the support that they need?


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Because Let’s face it, time is precious, every second counts if you are a hands on billing manager and one of the biggest time bandits is your consultants asking you questions on everything and anything.

Also, what happens if you are not there? How will the function? So this process will help them as well as you to become more efficient.

Before I show you how to deal with this, there are a couple of things to understand that may drive this behavior.

Consultants will ask questions for many reasons.

1. The first things It’s Quicker – they know they will get a quick answer without having to put in any effort.

2. Don’t want to make mistakes — by double checking what they need to do by asking a question will be reassuring that they are doing the right thing.

3. Attention Seeking — through asking questions makes them feel included and shows that they are focusing on what they need to

4. Sometimes they genuinely are stuck and don’t know what to do


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So as a manager, you need to work out which category they fall into.

If it is someone who is asking for asking sake or doesn’t want to make mistakes, but you know they know the answer– I use a technique I call Ping Pong Questions.

When they ask a question, I answer their question back with a question:

When they say “Should I send this candidate to X company”

I would say — “What do you want to happen?”

They would then answer — “I’d like to get him an interview”

I’d ask them, OK, so “what’s stopping you from sending it now?”

If they say something like — I’m not sure whether this candidate is right for the role

What do you need to do to find out? How can you find out?

Get their answers and thoughts

OK so “what do they need to do next?”

Then say great, off you go

Notice I have not answered their question, just asked them open questions so that they came to the conclusion themselves.

Keep doing this and eventually they will not only feel more empowered, but stop asking questions they know the answer too.

BTW — it can take 30 days to change a habit — so know that the 1st 2 weeks of doing this make take more time, but after that it would be life changing!!

The 2nd tip is If they have a question, before they ask you — tell them to come up with 2 possible solutions for it. You won’t need to do this many times before someone starts to come up with their ideas first and not even coming to you/

The 3rd tip — If it is a real question that they don’t know the answer to — I suggest to them to make a note of it and I will then come back to them in a specific time — it may be at mid morning break or lunch time, but they know I am working on something right now and will get to them later.

The key with this is that you have to make sure you come back to them — otherwise this can be a de-motivator.

If the questions really is urgent and stops them from doing anything else until it’s sorted, just check before you answer the question, How important is this? How Urgent is this — this helps you to make the decision is this something that needs doing now/

There you have it — that’s our recruitment manager training tip for today.

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I look forward to seeing you next time

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