How To Achieve The Results You Want..Now! – Recruitment Manager Training Tips

Hi I’m Nicky Coffin and today I’m sharing another Recruitment Manager Training Tip.  Today I want to talk to you about — the one difference between you and someone who is achieving the results what you want.

I’m sure that is something that you have asked yourself many times? Why have they managed to get it and not me?

Well I’m here to tell you there is only one difference and once you grasp this it will make such a difference to you I promise that you’ll never look back.

So here it is — the only thing that’s different Is that YOU HAVE STOPPED YOURSELF IN A PLACE THEY HAVEN’T.


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Now before you stop yourself and have a big reaction, making excuses, tell me I don’t understand, just here me through on this.

It’ s that they have taken more No’s, it means that they have pushed themselves through their fears, it means that whatever has stopped you externally or internally, hasn’t stopped them

And when you really really grasp this, it makes such a difference to how you move forward and how you approach your goals and how you make sure you achieve the success that you want.

Lets look at how this can happen:

You decide that you want to do something, but to do this you need to pick up the phone to a stranger or ask for help but you are embarrassed about asking for help, or your asked for help in the past but you got turned down, so you want to avoid it this time.

Well many people stop there, because they are worried about what other people might think or often they are not conscious of why they are stopping. They come up with lots of creative excuses, the cat got sick, the dog ate my homework, it’s not a good time.

You need to get honest with yourself, and the instant that you face you’re I’m scared of being rejected, I’m scared of people thinking I’m not good enough. When you really get honest about the things that have stopped you When you step through this you’ll be free forever.


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So this week, I really want you to focus on where are you stopping yourself, it’s not procrastination, there’s a very good chance . it’s something that is getting in the way of holding you up and you need to remember that the only difference between you and someone getting the results that you want is that they don’t stop at that place, so you need to find a way to keep going.

And then commit to yourself to just take one more step forward, then another. Whatever it takes to make it happen.

The truth is that everything you want that you don’t currently have lies outside of your comfort zone, if it was inside of your comfort zone you would already have it, so the truth is to get what you want, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. And I’m speaking from experience, this is something that I’ve had to do time and time again.

These days I actively seek out things that scare me or challenge me because I know that the big juicy rewards I want are on the other side.

That’s our recruitment manager training tip for today.  If you want to learn how to set up your business, so that it stops under-performance once and for all, then join my free webinar:  The 5 Secrets Our Clients Use to Build 7 & 8 Figure Recruitment Businesses