Fact: If you want a shift in your results, it starts with you. Back in the day, I loved being THE big biller; I know partly it was an ego thing, and I did like that feeling of control too. 

Then one day, after a session with my coach, I realised that I needed to become a business builder, not just a big biller, if I wanted to create a multi-million-pound organisation; and that this goal I had required me to change and develop new skills and habits. 

I needed to become a different person: I needed to become a business builder. 

Now, the journey inbetween lasted between 12 to 18 months and was very uncomfortable. 

Why? Because it pushed me outside of my comfort zone; I felt I didn’t have control over the outcome.  

I had to be willing to step outside my comfort zone to get the growth I wanted. 

During that time, I was in the process of becoming a very successful recruitment business owner as I moved step by step out of my comfort zone to improve. 

Let me explain how this works. 

Comfort Zone Step by Step 


Stepping massively outside your comfort zone for most people doesnt work. Its too scary a process. 

Though what does work are those small shifts; let me share how this works. We want you to go 4% outside your comfort zone.  

So, every day you do something that’s about 4% out of your comfort zone, and you will then start to see shifts. 

If you go any more than that, then literally your unconscious mind goes into shut down, and fear and irrational thought takes over. 

Like; Im going to lose all my money! I cant pay the mortgage or buy food  and the list goes on. 

Outside of your comfort zone are some fantastic opportunities and rewards for you so surrender to the thought that this could happen for you, and then take it step by step. 

Surrender to something so fantastic which you can reach by moving outside your comfort zone: daily. 

And for you to get there, you’re going to have to start doing things slightly differently but within a calculated risk.  

Being Pushed Forward 


A strange thing can happen as we step outside our comfort zone. 

Ill explain it. 

The world is a fantastic place, and often in our headwe have this goal, and yet we dither back and forth. We move outside our comfort zone and then run back inside again. 

Have you ever done that and then suddenly the s**^% hits the fan? 

Yep, me too. 

It is like the universe nudging you to get out of your comfort zone. It has a habit of making it quite dramatic too… its a way to get your attention. 

It might be you lose your biggest client. 

Or your two best billers leave and set up together. So, watch out for what might happen when you dont commit to change! 

If you are ready to move outside of your comfort zone and build the business you want, then we can help. 

Apply for a Profit Accelerator Call with us here, and then we can start the process of helping you get the results you deserve. Look at the results our clients achieve here then book your call. 


Warm regards,  

Nicky and Katy