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Do you have a business that's fit to scale? Discover your score and how you stack up.

What An Old American Police Drama Taught Me About Motivation

OK I admit it I love watching old re-runs of America police and detective dramas. One of my favourites was first aired just after I started school!   Can you guess what it might be!? It’s quite iconic. It was called Hill Street Blues and it ran for over six years on primetime TV in…
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Why Motivation Doesn’t Work

People are generally motivated by 2 key types of motivation and it’s important that you as a recruitment manager need to be aware of. These 2 types are called towards and away from motivation, or as some people call it, carrot and stick motivation.     Why do you need to distinguish between the types…
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What Stops Recruiters From Billing?

Your role as a recruitment business owner is to support, guide and coach your consultants to consistently get results and help individuals hold themselves accountable to the actions they agree to. Imagine then when you’ve worked with your consultant to set goals, developed an action plan, agree the action that they need to take, monitored…
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7 Management Tools I Could Not Live Without

One of the biggest challenges for recruitment business owners is having mid tier consultants that can’t quite shift into gear and perform as they should. Through my years in recruitment management and training I have developed 7 tools that can help managers get mid-tier consultants performing.   1 – Championing Your Champions   Who are…
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5 Lessons I Learnt About Making Coasting Recruiters Accountable

Coasting recruiters can be a real challenge for recruitment managers. It can be especially frustrating to be working with consultants that you know have the potential to do better, but they just don’t seem to be able to get it right. Even more so when you hire experienced consultants that promise high billings and fail…
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Have Your Recruiters Got A Skill Or Will Issue?

In a previous blog post I talked about one way to handle lack of performance in your recruiters. I called it the 3 T approach.   The idea behind this is based on whether your recruitment consultants lack of performance is based on; a lack of skills, being in the wrong job or a lack…
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4 Things You Must Do As With A Mid-Tier Coasting Consultant

Mid-tier coasting consultants are often those that have the skills but are happy to sit in their comfort zones. Even though they have the potential to be top tier performers, they often lack motivation, and so they just coast along, doing just enough to get by.   Your job as a recruitment business owner is…
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The 3 T’s To Manage Your New Recruiters

More and more recruitment business owners I speak to are increasing the number of consultants on their team. Recruitment business growth is about expansion and making more higher value placement consistently and there are different ways to do this. This article is about the simple actions to manage your growing team; especially if it isn’t…
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3 Biggest Mistakes Managers Make When Motivating Their Team

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to motivation – everyone is unique and therefore has unique motivational needs. What motivates one person and inspires them to achieve, may not mean much to another.     As a recruitment manager, it’s your job to understand and know what is important to each of your…
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Is That Star Biller Really Ready To Manage?

In today’s economy one issue organisations face is talent management and that isn’t just in recruitment. I wrote an article on the subject at the end of last year that walked through the whole problem.   As any economy shifts so does the whole demand v’s supply equation when it comes to employees. If you…
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