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Cover - How Fit Is Your Recruitment Business


Do you have a business that's fit to scale? Discover your score and how you stack up.

Modern Motivation For Todays Recruitment Manager

Finishing up this first mini-series on motivation I wanted to talk about Daniel Pink and his take on motivation and how it works for busy business owners like ourselves.   A lot has changed over the years including how human beings have developed and what really is important to us when it comes to fuelling…
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How A Famous American Psychologist Can Help Recruiters

Over the last few blogposts I have given you a brief insight into a passion of mine; psychology and how it can help anyone, including you and your recruitment consultants to achieve peak performance.     I want to delve deeper into a subject I am constantly quizzed about, especially by recruiting managers who want…
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2 Of The Most Important Things Recruitment Managers Must Do

    [This is a direct transcription from the video please excuse any typing errors.]   Hi I’m Nicky Coffin and welcome back to our Recruitment Business Owner Training Tips.   Today I’d like to share with you two of the most important things Recruitment Managers should do yet 95% of Managers don’t…   Have…
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How To Keep Hold Of Your New Star Biller

It’s a fact that, opportunity is now all around us when it comes to choosing our career path and preferred employer. Depending on your age, you might have a parent that has a different mindset. It was accepted that in ‘those days’ you got a great job and you stayed with it until you retired.…
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My Top 3 Sales Growth Strategies

 Growing a recruitment company to 7 or 8 figures and beyond is straightforward; it really is. Before you throw something at the screen let me clarify. Growing your recruitment company I suspect will have a main focus of increased revenue? More placements at higher fees and in today’s employment growth environment, by more consultants. Do…
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The 6 Management Principles For Success Part 2

If you haven’t read my previous article about the 6 management principles you can access it here. The 6 Management Principles For Success Part 1. From last time you now appreciate the importance of knowing your people and focusing on their development; what next? Here are the final four.   3. You are at the…
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The 6 Management Principles For Success Part 1

Since time began and particularly during the industrial age, having managers organise and co-ordinate teams was seen as a way to increase productivity. Some basic principles are the same and yet as our world changes at a rapid rate, certain management strategies need  tweaks as we are all exposed to different ‘things’ in our environment…
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The Marketing 4P’s Part 2

Last time I posted about how to develop your marketing strategy and I referred to the classic 4P’s of marketing.     With many recruitment directors keen to expand, the traditional sales and marketing strategies are unlikely to deliver the growth needed, especially as you recruit more consultants and develop your brand to leverage the…
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Why Scared Consultants Don’t Bill

In the slightly ‘macho’ world of recruitment, scared consultants are more common than people realise; they just hide it well. Let’s not beat about the bush we are talking about what makes consultants ‘scared’ and it’s another f word: Fear. In many HR circles and organisations focused on growth, fear cultures and their impact on…
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2 Clues It’s Time To Press The Reset Button

We have probably all experienced our computer running slow. Every action seems to take forever; doesn’t it? We used to have an IT guy at the recruitment company I ran who would give me sage advice, usually starting with the fact that I had too many programmes open, normally followed by the instruction to close…
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"5 Secrets of Scaling Your Recruitment Business to 7 & 8 Figures"

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