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Cover - How Fit Is Your Recruitment Business


Do you have a business that's fit to scale? Discover your score and how you stack up.

The 3 Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your Consultants Productivity

Being a billing manager or a director of your own recruitment organisation has its highs and lows! Though you can, and must set the vision and direction for your company, having a focused marketing strategy AND a productive billing team to convert the demand it brings is what makes the difference between Yo Yo billings…
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Mindfulness: A Secret Tool For Today’s High Performing Manager

A few short years ago I wouldn’t have considered writing an article on the then considered woolly subject of mindfulness. Yet fast forward to today and mindfulness is a strategy that many of the world’s top performing executives cite as a ‘must do’ habit to cultivate. Not surprising really when you consider that mindfulness practice…
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If Procrastination Is Plaguing You- Here Is A Quick Solution

Procrastination: it hits all of us at one time or another in both our personal and business lives. A classic example might be hitting the snooze alarm and deciding to give the gym a miss today rather than committing to the early morning exercise that you said you would ‘do’ this year. The eventual impact…
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The Number 1 Leadership Competency

At Centredexcellence we run a number of different programmes for recruitment professionals, from how to succeed as an independent, to our flagship Billing Manager and Recruitment Director Mastermind events and groups. One key area we always focus on? Developing leadership capabilities. Being a great leader is what will make the difference between your success and…
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Are You Developing Millionaire Habits?

In our last article we talked about the power of the mindset phenomenon known as cause and effect. Today I want to explore something on a similar line and that is the effect our habits have on us. We are taught from an early age that cultivating ‘good’ habits is what we should strive for…
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The 3 Revealing Traits Of A Budding High Biller

With more recruitment companies expanding their billing teams it’s important to know exactly what the traits of those super high achieving recruiters are. Some of these attributes might be ‘natural’ and instinctive and you will be looking out for them at interview, while others can be taught encouraged and developed. Over my 18 years working…
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5 Simple Ways To Grow Your Independent Recruitment Agency

When you left the warm comfort of the mother ship, aka your previous recruitment company, did you plan your exit? Had you thought through what would be involved and specifically how you might grow your agency to support you and your business dream? Yes? No? Maybe? The truth is most new independent recruiters have rarely…
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How Are Your Handling The: ‘Reduce Your Fee Question’?

Over the last few months I have finally got round to completing my office. It’s taken a while I know; my excuse is that Centredexcellence has been growing at an accelerated pace as we develop a number of new programmes and I haven’t had the time, which is true. I have a huge book case…
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The Monumental Downsides Of Being A Micromanager

“Well if they just did everything exactly how I told them Nicky I wouldn’t have to be on their back all the B**((!! time; would I?” Umh I wish I had a fiver for everytime I had heard that ‘reason /justification’, for micro managing, I would never have to buy a bottle of Merlot ever…
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4 (Forgotten) Ways to Improve Your Consultants Performance

As billing managers and recruitment directors you play THE crucial role when it come to the success of your billing team The tone, expectations and culture of the working environment is down to you. With so much invested in your recruitment consultants, it’s not always easy to stand back and be objective about their performance.…
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"5 Secrets of Scaling Your Recruitment Business to 7 & 8 Figures"

Discover how to focus on the right strategies in your recruitment business to double your sales, increase team billings and reclaim your work-life balance!