Being a billing manager or a director of your own recruitment organisation has its highs and lows!

Though you can, and must set the vision and direction for your company, having a focused marketing strategy AND a productive billing team to convert the demand it brings is what makes the difference between Yo Yo billings and a consistent growth trajectory.

One of our most downloaded reports is on how to improve your own productivity, but what about your consultants; how can you help them be even more productive?

Here are the key ways that work.


1. Have an induction AND career plan in place that you always use

One of the most common human requirements we all crave is to be organised and know exactly what we are meant to be doing and when.

I encourage all my clients to implement an induction plan with their new trainee recruiters from the first day they arrive.



This structure works wonders when it comes to maintaining focus on how you work in ‘your recruitment organisation’ and what exactly is expected. It will be based on what you know works to produce results.

Remember new recruits have joined you for a reason, they want it to work and this is the time to school them in your system and process. My own view is that an induction plan should be in place for at least a year and then forms part of an ongoing career path.

Human beings are success seeking creatures according to Dr Maxwell Maltz and his research, consequently by giving your recruiters a template you are making it easier for them to excel.


2. Have performance metrics (KPIs) based on what delivers

In a sales focused business like recruitment your recruiters are your biggest expense, and your most valuable asset. This means your company’s productivity, and ultimately, its profitability depends on making sure all of your consultants perform to their full potential.



Important Alert!

This is where some recruitment companies go wrong. They either don’t know their numbers or they are inconsistent in how they monitor their team’s performance. The consequence can be busy fools running round doing lots of activity on the wrong things which logically delivers inconsistent results.


This might surprise you

I am such a believer in the power of KPIs that I have instigated a process in my own organisation; yes, even I work to KPIs.

One of the first areas we work on in our programmes is the identification of your key metrics. It is amazing how the fog lifts for people and suddenly life becomes easier. Have a look at the case studies here that demonstrates the value of well-crafted KPIs that are implemented.


3. Develop a coaching culture

One of the biggest business growth markets is the coaching industry and for a good reason. A recent CIPD white paper makes a clear case for the results coaching can deliver for an organisation.

Do you have a coaching culture in your recruitment company?



Unfortunately, many recruitment companies are behind the times when it comes to this key management skill.

Coaching is a management skill that can be learnt by anyone. Regular coaching and importantly follow up is the way we all improve our skills.

I am a retired Rugby Union International and I can reveal that in my younger days I was far from the finished article! Luckily for me I landed in an environment with some excellent coaches that helped me perform and develop my skills to the point where I was selected for England.

Coaching is one of the most important skills a manager can develop. Here you will be able to help your recruiters improve their performance to a point where they add huge value to your organisation.


What else

The list could go on and on. However, these three core components will set the foundations to create your productive billing team.


Warm regards




High performing consultants are the lifeblood of any successful recruitment organisation. The challenge starts when your recruiters underperform. There is a solution and I cover it in-depth in my latest ebook; How to Convert Your under Performers to Consistent Billers in 14 Days or less. You can download it here.