It’s common that successful business owners and entrepreneurs create organisations, maximise profits and then move on.

Many of us watch in awe as we see this happen. The truth is that it’s not actually hard to repeat this process ourselves, provided we can work out the process.

It’s what we call here at Centredexcellence a ‘Set move’, I have been sharing a number with you over the past couple of months.

Developing ‘set moves’ in your recruitment business is one of the 7 success habits we teach.


Light bulb moment

Set moves; what is this all about Nicky?

Game Changers are areas that are already in your business, often profit blind spots, that if you were to focus on and tweak, they will increase your results significantly. I consistently see this strategy deliver immediate returns, without doing ANY extra work.

I’ve talked about modelling in another blogpost and over the past 18 years I’ve noticed that there are certain clients that achieve outstanding results fast and the reason is because they have taken ONE of these moves and worked them through, honing each element.

Consequently, they have reaped huge returns. One of my clients, added an extra £300k in 3 months with a team of 5 by just focusing on one set move.  I will cover this in detail in another post.



What is a Game Changer Set Move?

What do I mean by a Game Changer Set Move? I coined the term related to a phenomenon I identified playing Rugby-allow me to explain.

I played at international and premier club level for many years and during that time I captained my club team.  For 2 years, we were unbeaten and won absolutely everything – everything we touched turned to gold – as a team we were really “in flow”, and when you are in flow it’s easy, it becomes effortless.

There were several reasons why we were so successful but one of the key reasons was that we had a set move that if we played it in a certain part of the pitch, we would always score.

Every single time – it became a certainty.

So, our game plan was to work our way to the parts of the pitch that we knew we could play the game changer set move, so that we could score.  We also became masters at that set move so it flowed easily.

The beautiful thing is that set moves are present in all walks of life, especially when it comes to our business too.

Imagine being able to identify set moves in your recruitment organisation that would mean you have a guaranteed profit stream or process that you know will always deliver results?

The good news is that you are likely sitting on a minimum of 7 or 8 set moves in your own business that if they were tweaked and honed could completely alter your profit path.


The recruitment and staffing Game Changer set Moves

So I have convinced you that set moves work when it comes to growing a recruitment organisation.  Logical next question then is what are they.

Here are the top 7 we work with at Centredexcellence that consistently deliver results.


Business X Ray Game Changer

You might have heard the saying that the ‘devil is in the detail’ and ‘success leaves clues’. Well both are correct.

Crunch your historic numbers and as if by magic you will soon identify where your true business growth lies. Katy and I call this our Business X ray and this process alone can totally turn around your organisation. Imagine identifying the top 20% of clients that give you 80% of the revenues and then focus you marketing only with this group; do you think your results might improve? #yes


Working the right Jobs #Gold Game Changer

This is so simple it’s scary! So often when recruitment organisations come to us for help we soon uncover that they are working the wrong jobs totally; or at least their consultants are.

In other words, vacancies that are going to be a nightmare to fill. We talk about this more in this post we wrote a few months ago.



Inchwide Mile Deep Game Changer

This is a strategy that is counter intuitive. Fundamentally the more specialist you are the more money you will make. You will find that real niche consultancy’s work the higher fee jobs (more on that next). Remember specialists in all walks of life are always in demand.

Let me share my own story to illustrate the point. I ran my own recruitment organisation before I became a performance coach. The truth is I can coach anyone to grow their business or improve performance.

So initially I offered services to:

  • SMEs
  • Athletes
  • Recruitment organisations

The truth is centredexcellence really started to take off when I focused in one area… recruitment, and as they say the rest is history!


Fee Increase Game Changer

Most recruitment companies don’t charge enough for their service. Period. Finding the right candidate for that dream role your client wants to fill takes a lot of work and expertise. Its about selling your value. This alone can double your profits.


MPCs Game Changer

Have you ever noticed at a football or rugby match that the hot dog stand always seems to have a que ? Maybe it’s the outdoor environment or the beer that we have all drunk!

Its known as the starving crowd phenomenon and it works in recruitment too. Let me explain.

An MPC is a hot candidate. You know what I mean? Ideal for the role, probably not actively looking and with all the skills, and more, the job brief requires.  In other words, you could place this candidate 10x over. Just like that hot dog stand when everyone is hungry…….

If you focus on this area you will have clients opening your emails and picking up the phone. There is a strategy to it that we teach to clients and I am sure you get the picture.

The final two strategies go hand in hand.


Slip streaming and the Ultimate Model-RIP 360 – Game Changer

I am sure you have heard the saying horses for courses? Well there are billions of people on planet earth and though we all have similar attributes we are all quite different too.

If you think about your team for a moment I guarantee some will be amazing at BD! No problem picking up the phone and are on client leads like the proverbial ‘rat up a drainpipe!’



On the other hand, you have silent Sam in the corner who is an AMAZING resourcing ninja. He seems to find people for the hardest roles, though crumbles when he has pick up the phone and talk to a client.

Every team has these people and the truth is many recruitment companies don’t work it to their advantage.


Next steps?

Imagine talking action on these 7 steps what difference could it make? It’s massive by the way. That is why our clients get anywhere between a 50-250% increase in revenues. Would you like to find out more? Then fill out a contact form here and lets have a conversation.


Warm regards


P.S. We specialise in helping business owners like you identify their set moves/business levers. To find out more get in contact here.


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