Over the last few posts, we have talked about the importance of messaging if you want to connect with your audience. 

Though here is something you need to know. 

Clients are taking longer to make buying decisions, and we need to help them, so enter the power of follow-up, which is our third accelerator. 

Follow up is one of the most critical tasks because we don’t have the freedom to let any potential business drop through the net. 

We have to make every opportunity count even though lockdown restrictions are slowly ending  we can’t afford to let anything go. PreMarch 2020, it might have taken between five and twelve touchpoints to get somebody to buy from you, yet today, it might take as many as thirty or even more interactions with you and your brand to get a yes. 

Therefore, we must become relentless with our follow-up as the buyers’ cycle informs us that less than seven per cent of people are ready to act now, and in today’s market place this figure is even lower. 

Have you ever noticed that you know you should be following up, and if you did, you would be more successful, yet for some reason, you don’t! 


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Why is that? 

Fundamentally, our brains want to keep us safe and conserve energy and most certainly dont want us to do things outside of our comfort zone, which we dont normally do.  

Follow up is potentially fraught with failure and rejection, which our animalistic brains think isnt a good idea. Much better to surf around on LinkedIn and try calling someone else who would say yes. That strategy would often work precovidthough not now. 

At Centredexcellence, we talk about the comfort zone barrier you need to break through to grow and committing to developing a followup process for you and your team gives you a great opportunity to do this. 

Let me be clear this is not about working crazy hours and you doing all the follow up for your company. 

Follow up is about designing the process and using everything at your disposal: the beauty of embracing a new model instead of 360 and using all the marketing strategies that work so well in recruitment today. 


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AND the cool thing about this is it doesn’t have to be you that does all these tasks. Here are just a few ideas to get you going. 

  • Use a marketing automation campaign. 
  • Use LinkedIn messaging software. 
  • Utilise social media posting software. 
  • Give your consultants a process to follow. 
  • Use your marketing assistant or train up a member of your admin team. 

Next time we will take this one stage further as we talk about stopping being vanilla as you finally stand out as the recruiter your clients need to work with. 

Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 


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