A mentor of mine once shared that opportunity is always around us: Covid or no Covid. 

It is about putting our bucket where the water is now flowing. 

The current market is an opportunity to track down better clients for you – those type of ideal clients that appreciate you and the service you bring AND where you can add amazing value. 

Rachel, one of our clients, emailed us recently to tell us she just got into client she had been chasing for 14 years.  

It is the ideal avatar for her, and this came about by looking for opportunities and pivoting. Maybe you have noticed this too? 

The pandemic has allowed us to get under our clients’ skin and uncover their issues and the solutions they need to be the true consultant we were always meant to be. 

There’s a huge opportunity out there to do this. And this is one of the strongest possibilities that we see in the market 

No matter what happens here in the economy, once you get this plan aligned, you have a system and a way to generate business.  

And the cool thing about that is it gives you freedom.  

It gives you financial freedom, and you can take back your control which provides you with sanity again. 


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The Market Is Awash With Talent 

One thing that makes conversion and placements easier is having access to great talent and clients who are building teams. 

The good news is that both ‘events’ are happening now. 

Right now, there is more talent in the marketplace than ever before. Add to this the fact that some small companies are out there right now using this opportunity to recruit talent into their organisation. 

And the thing is that you could be responding to that.  

So, this is the opportunity to take advantage of those forwardthinking businesses that see what the opportunity holds in the marketplace.  

Time to take your recruiters hat off and become a consultant. 

This new norm means having a different conversation with your client, which means having a conversation that helps you as a recruiter and helps them too 

You can help them understand how the landscape has changed. Our buying habits have shifted exponentially.   

Here is the thing; the way your client previously sold and delivered their services is going to change. If it hasn’t already, businesses are now forced to look at how they provide their products and services right now.  

Everyone is adapting and pivoting, which means there is demand for new skills. Your clients will be thinking: 

  • Is my current team fit for purpose now,  
  • what new skills and workforce do I need to hire now 

And a question to ask yourself is, are the changes that I am making to my recruiting product and service what my clients now need? 

You can help them look at the skill shortages they now have in their team, look at the competencies they require for that new delivery piece, and achieve that. 

So, there is a massive opportunity for you now. 


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Time to Change How You ‘Deliver’ Your Service 


With opportunity often comes a need to change. I have been telling people for yearsbased on data that the 360 model is outdated. 

If this has not hit home yet, it is time to wake up because you need to change your team’s structure. 

Here is the truth about the market we are now experiencing. If you do not change your team’s structure and move away from a 360 approach, you will struggle over the coming months. 

This is a real opportunity to change how you work because now we need more hunters in our teams. 

People who are driving and generating the leads we need to move our business forward. The hunters need to be supported by the resourcers who deliver on the roles the hunters have captured. 

Look at many other successful sales-driven organisations, and this is how they work. 

Recruitment is archaic.  

I reckon we are about 15 years behind most other industries.  I honestly cannot think of any other industry where they have one person sourcing, winning new business, then delivering it and finalising. 

It is like buying a new car and expecting the same person you are purchasing the vehicle from to source the materials, build the car, service the vehicle, and give it a wash and polish before you drive away in it! 

Madness when you look at this example, isn’t it? 

The cool thing about this new approach is that when you change the structure, your team become three to five times more profitable.  

Yes, you read that correctly.  

We have seen this repeatedly with our private clients who have implemented this new structure. They achieve between three and five times the number of placements with a team of two or three than they are with one.  

So, over the last few posts, we have shared where the opportunities are both externally in the market and internally with your team. 

Next time we are going to dive deeper into exactly where your focus now needs to be. 

Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 


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