In the last quarter of 2020, we ran one of our most successful Facebook live series. 

The focus was based on a free challenge to help recruitment business owners come back strong from what can only be described as a crap year! 

2020 and Now 2021 is A Year of Change 


Last year was a massive year of change that logically created chaos, confusion, overwhelm, and heaps of stress and of course, a huge loss of sales pipelines and the billings they produce.  

We all thought it was over, and the virus was under control. As Halloween came and went, we realised that wasnt quite the case  

At Christmas, we all experienced Groundhog Day with lockdown 3.0 appearing for most of the country; for many of you clients pressed pause, and everything is on hold…. again. 

As we did a few months ago, we want to share with you what is working now in a series of how-to posts so that you can finally plan your way through this year to the success you want. 


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Coming Out Stronger 

As you read our posts, you will be able to plan your way through 2021 as you implement an action plan; otherwise, uncomfortable to say, you could go out of business. 

Some of you will read these posts and do some of the actions and increase your chance of exiting 2021 well, and some of you will follow it to the letter, and that is where the gold is if you want results. 

Naturally, people are still concerned about the economy, who wouldnt be after experiencing 2020! 

And they are worried about the effects of the downturn and the impact this might still have on their business and lives.  

It would be easy to say it is the medias fault; maybe it is, but we choose what we consume. 

Fact: Stop picking up your phone when you wake up! If you do not, you will end up in a stress state that will be harmful to your wellbeing.  

This is known as the fight or flight primal response ingrained in human beings for years. 

As an example, your muscle performance and your cardiovascular system are impacted. It also reduces the nonessential parts of your body, like your organs and your digestive system. And it shifts the flow of blood in the brain, which is essential for decisionmaking.  

So, this flight or fight response stops you in your tracks, and you lose the ability to think logically and strategically about where and how you will move forward. And right now, what you need more than ever is to be able to think clearly, make grounded decisions, and tap into that strategic area of your brain. 


Re-Flect, Re-Set and Re-New Vs Living In THE GAP

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Because if you dont, you are making small survival decisions decisions. 

A decision based on fear and scarcity is NEVER helpful; as a result of this state of fear, you will sabotage your results because it keeps you stuck in this place of stress and overwhelms reactive senses. 

What we see in the marketplace is that a lot of recruiters are facing three big dangers. 

  • Lack of consistent placements coming in and poor cash reserves 
  • Hiring is on pause or frozen every time a tier changes or lockdown happen. 
  • A recruiting team which has relied on farming rather than hunting. 

All of this identifies a huge gap, which is the lack of a consistent lead generation machine. 

Does this sound familiar to you? I suspect the answer is yes. 

So how can you turn this around? 

No surprise is it starts with you and where and how you are showing up. 

We explore this more in the next post. 


We Can Help? 

Over the many years and clients, we have helped we have proved how the strategies we teach can shift your business; and the same has happened during COVID. 

If you want our help, it starts by booking a call with one of us here. 

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Warm regards, 

Nicky and Katy 

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