Following on from our last post on analysing where you are it is time to look at how we are showing up. 


Everything Starts with Your Mindset 

If we are going to turn our business around, we have to realise that it starts with how we’re showing up and our mindset.  

It starts with our attitude and how we look at the situation. Because here is the thing; if all you see is a problem, then guess what? There’s going to be no way out.  

We’re just going to stay in that problem and stay stuck, where we are.  

In the last post, we talked about the fear state and how critical it was to move from a fear state to a state of certainty.  

What do I mean by that?  

Well, a state of certainty is that you will figure this out no matter what you’re going to do, whatever it takes to shift this forward. 

No matter how crazy things get, no matter how good or bad things develop, no matter how many lockdowns and tiers we go through; what happens on the B.B.C. or in the economy that you’re going to figure this out. 

Fact: You can only do this when you come from a place of certainty. 

If you don’t believe that you can start growing again, if you don’t think that there is a way to get out of this mess or if you don’t think that this is probably actually one of the biggest opportunities ever to move your business to the next level, then you’re not going to get through this.  

So, we need to go from being a consumer of fear to being a creator of our destiny.  


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Become a Creator 

So, what does a creator do? Well, a creator shuts out the noise. They shut off the T.V. They shut off social media. They surround themselves with people who are solution orientated.  

They have a different way of looking at the situation, and they changed their language and what they say to themselves. 

They get into the driver’s seat, and they start to take back control and become massive action takers. 

Because they know it is just a matter of finding out a way to move forward, and they always do. 

Why? Because they are coming from certainty.  


The Power of Certainty 

When you come from certainty, it opens up opportunities to get into businesses, companies, and organisations you have potentially wanted to work with for years.  

There are many significant opportunities like that; there is a way for you to make it out of these crazy times and come out stronger, more stable, and better than you were at the start of last year. 

There are three big opportunities right now, which are up for the taking.  

  • The first big opportunity is to attract new clients  finally a chance to get your lead gen sorted out. 
  • A huge opportunity to improve your conversion; great talent is out on the market, and the way clients are buying now is different. 
  • The way you deliver your service; R.I.P 360 and hello new business models and service. 

Next time we will do a deeper dive into all these three to plan your approach. 


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